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Performed by The Who

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A Personal Favourite | Reviewer: G.B. | 5/16/09

i used to love this song when it first came was just before Tommy blew us all away and I loved the way that some bands would tell little stories with their songs. The Who were always good at this and Tattoo was a great track on a classic album that also gave us "I can see for miles" among others. I was prompted to look up the lyrics as I watch a DVD of the Who made from a film recorded in 1969 featuring many fantastic songs of this era.
And my girlfriend has way more tattoos than I blame The Who?

odd and original | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/09

I put Tattoo alongside Happy Jack and Little Billy and perhaps some other oddball songs written by Townshend that fall in the second-string of the Who catalog, yet are nonetheless cherished by his fans for its oddness and beauty. Like "I'm a Boy", Townshend here grapples with gender identity and wonders what makes a man, a man. The melody is beautiful in a peculiar sort of way, and coupled with phrases like "the skin graft man won't get you", you can be assured that you are hearing a one of a kind. Like much of the material on Tommy, you shouldn't fall in love with Tattoo in the first couple of listens, but eventually you will.

An Overlooked Who Classic | Reviewer: Mitch | 4/14/07

Tattoo is one of the better tracks on the often overlooked classic Who album, Sellout. The entire album is done as a Radio London broadcast. It was one of the most original concept albums ever made. It is also a precursor to Tommy, and all the other glorious Who music that follows this 1966 masterpiece.

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