Who compares with the "Who". | Reviewer: Greg Haines | 4/22/12

The one the only "Who". And we all know who they are. Some of the most dynamic bands ever. As they finished their concerts they would desroy their instruments and leave you hearing the total end of their music for that day. Who would leave you with crashing sound of music and metal the "Who". Whos the band of our generation ? The Who.

The Who - King of Anarchy and Ruler of Rock | Reviewer: matrixUNLV | 2/10/12

No doubt about it: The Who is the greatest rock band of all time. Not only are they comprised of virtuoso musicians with unmatched creativity, they put on a show like none other. In the center of all their mayhem was the great Keith Moon, painting the soundscape with his immense drumming flourishes, color, and originality, and who in turn, goaded the other members to reach unbelievable heights. They didn't get along with each other too much. but they inspired each other to become the most influential and important rock band the world has ever seen.

The Most Influential Band Ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/11

The who are the most influential band in history.
They were the first band to diss previous generations, they started smashing guitars, they used the synthesiser long before it became popular in the eighties, they pioneered the concept album, and they invented the rock opera.
Is there any question that they weren't the most influential band ever?

The Who Completes Me | Reviewer: cool.mom.of.6 | 5/10/10

Okay, 'The Who' is great; in my top 5. It's so hard to choose a favorite song; or to choose ten favorite songs. Roger Daltry has an incredible range, Pete Townsend writes pure poetry. Some of their songs, 30 years later, sound as cool and fresh as they did back then. Never liked the smashing guitars and wrecking hotel rooms but they outgrew it thankfully. Wish they didn't do the drugs and alcohol so heavy but we all screw up. The music stands and will stand for years and years though. Johann Bach was a viral man with a dozen or more kids, Wolfgang Mozart drank and partied, Ludwig Van Beethoven was absolutely mental about his music....so I think the good ones have self-expression issues. So many of today's popular bands are big on ego and short on creativity.

Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, look out. | Reviewer: J.J. | 5/3/10

I have been telling people for years, and I truly believe, that The Who will be listened to by people hundreds of years from now. They are the truest, great unparalleled musicians of our time. They wrote classic music and rock operas that will outlive us all. Rock on future folks.

this is the greatest rock band, not the stones | Reviewer: bill thill | 2/18/09

in my house, the WHO truly are the greatest rock band and for surethe best brtish rock band[i'm placing the beatles in the "pop" category where the who has dwelled successfully but their long suit has always been the "who's next" kind of classic rock.and i've been saying for years the single greatest recorded moment in rock is the Roger Daltrey scream coming back into the power chords after drum break in"won't get fooled again".

whos better | Reviewer: steve | 10/17/07

just watched a quick one from rolling stones r&r circus. the stones have more killer studio songs but live...............WHOS better!!!!!!!!

Mods | Reviewer: www.leon_trotsky_1917@hotmail.co.uk | 12/30/05

The Who entered the music scene with aggression and tenacity. They took the music world by storm, in the time when "Beatlemania" was at its peak, the Rolling Stones were churning out hits, Bob Dylan had gone phsychadelic, and The Kinks were making good pop songs, THE WHO had to be something different. They were exactly that, they were angry, and controversial, everywhere they went they smashed up the equipment on stage, earning the band a cult following. The band also linked in with the up and coming MOD SCENE, with Lambretta scooters, inch wide ties and tight fitting suits.

Amongst the working class Mod scene they earned massive popularity, especially with great songs like MY GENERATION, thought to be the band's best hit.

The Mod scene came at a time when a form of "cool Britannia" had set in, and the UK was at the centre of attention for music, with the only major competition from Motown. There were very few bands that were of any quality from the United States.

The Who were creating songs that went against the establishment, and in their own way, were the paving stones for the Punk Rock movement of 1977. They were the first band to stick two fingers to the older generations. Daltry singing lyrics about staying young and wanting to die before old age set in. Backed by Townshend on guitar, and also Entwistle and Moon on drumbs the group had massive success in the 60's-70's.

As the 70's set in, the band were renowned for doing epic concerts that the youth of the day flocked to see the band performing. All the while they continued making great songs to get the crowds to come back year in year out.

The bands career was set in legendary status with the making of the film QUADROPHENIA in the late 1970's.

Throughout the career of the four band members, they captivated people's imaginations. The Younger generations have a big affection toward THE WHO, and they have also inspired every generation since the song MY GENERATION, which young people have adopted as their song. It has even been covered by Oasis, in recognition of how great the song truly is.