Pure and easy | Reviewer: Dharma king | 1/24/13

This is one of the great songs by Pete inspired, no doubt, by his connection to Meher Baba. The combination of sounds and lyrics transcends both. It's brilliant in it's construction. I especially love his own version sung and all instruments played by Pete on Who Came First, his 1972 solo album and his Lighthouse demo. I appreciate the the words are printed here, it clarifies a lot... although at the end, I think he is singing "there once was a note ...desire" Brilliant!

pure & easy | Reviewer: Gene | 9/25/10

Pete originally released "Pure & Easy" on his first solo album. The Who's version of "Pure & Easy" was originally released on vinyl in '74 on "Odds & Sods", the same record "Long Live Rock" comes off of, not the '95 CD release of "Who's Next"!

pure & easy | Reviewer: todd | 3/28/08

It was written originally for the lifehouse rock opera by pete but when it couldn't be completed pete put it on his solo album later & also on the compact disc version of who's next. great song too.

author | Reviewer: francisco gonzalez | 11/6/07

My understanding is that the song was written by Pete as solo. It came out in his first solo album (Who came first).

For the rest very good job. thanks.