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Performed by The Who

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actually | Reviewer: Clayton | 7/14/10

pinball wizard is about when jimi hendrix went to brighton and was so talented...its a weird analogy,but pete townsend was talking about jime hendrix and how he moved his hands so fast...or play really good guitar

a "peek" review | Reviewer: brian | 1/17/10

I have to agree with Duncan(7/26/09) in the sense that it sounds more like "digit counters fall" rather than what-Z stated. At least from what I heard anyway-off of you tube. First time seeing the complete lyrics-from

Digit counter and hall | Reviewer: Duncan | 7/26/09

I have the lyrics that came with the album, Tommy. It is definitely "amusement hall", which means arcade. "The digit counters fall" is also correct. It shows how quickly Tommy's score is rising, as pinball scores were displayed mechanically instead of digitally at the time of the album (if you've seen the movie or played on an older pinball machine you'll see what I mean).

Little known fact | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/09

Did you know that while many people think pinball plays a big role in Tommy, it really doesn't? The only reason The Who even added in the song 'Pinball Wizard' is because one of the main critics for the album was a big fan of pinball. So basically, it's not symbolic of anything, it was just trying to jump their reviews. Ironic, isn't it?

I don't know.... | Reviewer: Nebraska G | 3/3/09

This is definantly* (sorry about my spelling but im not saying this is a difiantly good song...) a song you can just sit and listen to on any occasion. even funerals! But i have to disagree i have always enjoyed the elton John version, But hell thats just me...

-Nebraska G

Tommy Plotline - Pinball Wizard | Reviewer: Mike | 2/2/09

Tommy is discovered to have a talent for pinball, and quickly defeats the game's tournament champion. This propels Tommy to international celebrity status. "Pinball Wizard" is sung from the point of view of the reigning champion before Tommy.

Great! | Reviewer: The Wizard | 8/28/08

The song reminds me of when I was a young kid at the arcade.It was either pinball,centipede,or pac-man.ole school baby!
The lyrics are delivered in a theatrical way which makes a simple song great.
The music will stick in your mind if you know how to listen to the tone(mood).To put it in lay terms.The Who Rocks!

A reinterpetation | Reviewer: mojohand | 12/10/07

I just watched Joziah Longo of Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams sing the first verse of this song, and it was just wonderful. Get the riff from Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" going in your head. Then sing "Pinball Wizard."
"Ever since I was a young boy..."

love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/07

Great song, but I'm afraid the lyrics are
"left digit counts his ball"
"the digit counters fall"
This is a common misconception, apparently.

Most pinball machines give the player a certain number of balls to start with (three is a common number), so that if the player's first pinball is lost between the flippers, they have more chances to keep playing.
In addition, machines award extra balls from time to time, like extra guys in a video game. Extra balls are usually given as a reward for skill (e.g. they may be handed out every 10,000 points).

Thus "left digit counts his ball" indicates that Tommy is so good, he has been awarded as many extra pinballs as the machine can keep track of.


Great song indeed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/07

I just love this piece of music. The Who is one of the best bands ever and Pinball Wizard is one of thei best, too. It is all about finding yourself like this deaf ad blind Tommy does when he is playing pinball. Damn, I'd like to see The Who's movvie "Tommy".

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