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Atena is about david Gilmore's wife/ Teresa | Reviewer: dan wisniewski | 8/2/13

Gilmore's wife had to attend a movie opening and her husband couldn't go so , she asked Pete Townshend to go with her. he did. he went home that night and wrote "Teresa" and later changed it to "Athena" when it came time to record it. pete just had a mad crush on her. That's what the song is about.

Flattered | Reviewer: Sandrita | 9/14/11

I love this song. I listened to it a lot on our local rock station the year after I graduated high school. I read this song is in reference to Pete Townsend's unrequited love for Theresa Russell. She married an really old guy and the line "Athena, you picked me up by my lapels and screamed "leave her" I felt like waking up in heaven on an empty meter, And now you're stuck with a castrated leader" makes sense now. If I was Theresa, I would be flattered and annoyed all at the same time!

response to Bob "is everybody crazy?" | Reviewer: vinny | 8/5/11

how can you put "Athena" down that bad? It's true that it's not a sound that is usually heard from The Who, but It's still an excellent sounding song. And the fact that it dosen't come on the air that often, I am personally aways thrilled when it does. Why be such a snob? I would like to add one other thing no one has mentioned: the late great John Entwhitsle once again adds his great bass accomanyment.. I wont say bass line because what he did on just about everything was much more than that. It's actually John's bass that makes it for me on Athena.

Truly poetic | Reviewer: D | 3/24/11

Pete townshend. Without doubt the greatest poet of rock n roll and one of the most underrated performers - ain't nobody more electrifying! Pete, u r legendary, thank you for what you've written and how you've performed. Roger, u 2 r rite; nobody sings them like u do.

I´m happy !, I´m ecstatic ! | Reviewer: Francisco | 3/13/11

This tune was played on radio stations in late 1982 here in Peru, I was 14 by that time and I remember it so clearly like all the songs played back then. It never reached number one or so because it was far from being a bubblegum song. Off course, as a teenager I was into bubblegum tunes so I, despite I recorded it from the radio as every single song played, ended up unnoticed for a long time. In the mid 2000s I decided to get all my favorite tunes from the 80s (like 800 from Metallica to Sheena Easton) and this one, left behind so long ago and, since tastes changes once you are grown, got my full attention as an adult, and the ones I loved as a kid feel em trashy today . I have listened to this one more now than then over and over and to me it is(call me a fool) almost a masterpiece, for the combination of sounds, instruments played alligned, the strenght of the guitars, the "just a girl" part listened only in one speaker (stereo 60s style), the "white horse" and the "I´m happy, I´m ecstatic" parts, all of that combined get into my bones giving me goose bumps!
Thank you Mr Townshend for sharing your great inspiration!

one of their best | Reviewer: Nick Hyde | 2/24/10

The rhythm guitar moves this song like a high speeed train and the horns say "hey, pay attention!", these lyrics require some thought. No matter what you think they mean, this is no three chord wonder.

The edge among Frustration, Fear and Fun | Reviewer: Uncle Al | 8/30/09

Yes. The people who fought against nuclear weapons in europe at that time may answer "This is a joke", but it was a reality that fear took their peace out of their minds and lives away. Today is just a song to listen while drinking the last sip of beer in a hot summer night with your grown up kids, thanking the Lord peace is still below our feet and at hand.

Very good song | Reviewer: J | 8/6/09

This was definitely NOT the worst Who song... there are only 2 songs on It's Hard and Face Dances that are better (imo) than this... Eminence Front and You Better You Bet. It is a fun song and sometimes a song doesn't need to be more than that. The lyrics are definitely not meaningless but it's a stretch to say that this is an anti-nuke song. Pete Townshend has said that it was about a girl he had fallen for who rejected his advances, although I have never read or heard him say with whom he was in love.

Athena - A-Bomb | Reviewer: Chris | 3/23/09

I love this song. I was a senior in high school when it came out. One of my favorites.

I always interpreted this as the Who's protest against atomic weapons. I figured the first person of the song as a British/NATO general's misplaced love of the bomb as his best girl. Think of these references:

"In peaceful times I hold her tight and feed her"
"Just one word from her and my troubles are long gone"
"I felt like one of those flattened ants you find on a crazy path... Suicidal psychopath"
"consumed, there was a beautiful white horse up on a dream stage" - mushroom cloud, the snake being the darker lower portion of the cloud
"how long will children remain?"
The obvious bomb references, "requisitioned" is a military term, "castrated leader" as he would like to get rid of them but he cannot due to mutual assured destruction.

I thought it was fairly obvious... But it could just be me.

Alice Cooper Was Right | Reviewer: Leo Strauss | 10/4/07

Have the demo "Theresa" and it all makes much more sense in his frustration of a failed romance with her -- and the beats are better. This should have been produced by Chris Thomas for one of Pete's solo albums.

When Pete introduced Pink Floyd for some Brit honors show on VH1 a couple of months ago he also referred to this failed romance with Theresa.

Great song for singing in the shower | Reviewer: Leip | 9/8/07

I love this tune...been listening to it in the shower for years and I really have the lyrics and syllables down pat.

response to theresa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

Well of course it's true, everything Alice Cooper says is 100% true fact. Also, I love this song.

um... is it just me, or is everyone crazy? | Reviewer: Bob | 7/24/07

This is one of the WORST Who songs ever. I don't know what people are saying about poetic twisty syllables. But it's cheesy, and meaningless, and incredibly superficial. To me it betrays a lack of emotion, as opposed to a depth of it. I was surprised Pete even wrote that - figured maybe it was Roger Daltry trying his hand at lyric writing.

Athena = Theresa? | Reviewer: Theresa | 4/9/07

I was listening to the Alice Cooper radio show tonight on my way home from work. AC said Pete wrote this song for Theresa Russell and that it was called Theresa, because Pete was smitten with her. AC said Pete changed the name because Theresa was not interested in Pete.
I don't know if this is true, but thought i would pass it along.

best of the Who | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/07

Athena is the best song the Who ever did! Great lyrics and music - just a fun fun song.

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