Rock & Roll doesn't have to make sense | Reviewer: JudoWayne | 7/23/14

After 35 years of dissecting the lyrics of 5:15, I still don't know what Pete meant. I do know it's still one of the greatest songs ever. I saw The Who in Worcester Massachusetts USA in 1982, 18th row on the floor and this song blew us all away!

5:15 | Reviewer: Lupita Gonzales | 7/20/13

In this video the protagonist has taken LSD or another similar hallucinagen He does this in the beginning of the video and he drinks vodka with it. The individual has dropped acid and has a small bottle of vodka - I believe that's a pint of vodka. This individual works in a straight laced law firm,downtown, as staff support but he is really a freak at heart.

quadrophenia | Reviewer: Klaudia | 8/2/12

The Who is the best band of ALL TIME. Why people listen Nicki Minaj and other shit like this? I CAN'T EXPLAIN (if you know what i'm talking about) :D sorry about my English. I'm from Poland and there aren't many people who know The Who... We are special and we have great music taste because we know THE WHO! LONG LIVE ROCK!!!

Lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/11

The Rolling Stones competed with The Beatles, compare Their Satanic Majesties Request and the Magic mystery tour cover art and the first and last songs of the album. They were also good friends with Lennon and McCartney doing backing vocals on some songs such as Dandelion or We Love You.

cazzo!! | Reviewer: Alenxander Dao | 1/18/10

This is such an amazing song, the lyrics and the music, truely the music made on the 60's decade was made with aplomb. Everyone tried hard enough to defy the beatles' music. Suddenly came bands as the who, the rolling stones, pink floyd, Cream, Jefferson's airplane... I'm pretty fond of that age.