The obvious | Reviewer: Harold | 1/23/11

The song is basically about someone who isn't mature enough to handle a relationship and its consequences, thus the comparison to a ten year old child.

A perfect reply song to this would be "I Want to Know What Love Is". Ha.

Good song | Reviewer: pedro | 3/4/09

Brittany, he lyrics have sense, and Jack is an artist, we shouldn't mind who is he playing, because in some songs, like Jolene, he plays a woman in the song. The song is great, the White Stripes never let me down...

Hmm... | Reviewer: Brittany | 9/3/07

The White Stripes have always been one of my favorites because they are so original. They kind of let me down on this song. I think that Jack singing about someone acting like a ten year old isn't the most meaningful thing but it's better than him singing about sex I suppose.