Simple can be Deep | Reviewer: Sergio | 9/26/2008

Yes, it is very much focused on the chorus, but it is not a bad song due to that fact.

The chords in themselves are very well sounding in themselves - and remember that many songs without lyrics do well in themselves

The words are simple but they DO deliver a message. I would say it has to do with either a ghost from your past, metaphorically speaking, or someone that he loved that is now not with him (ex: ex wife / deceased father) and the memories haunt him.

Furthermore, the POSITIONING of the words is very effective - it shows the person's unstable mindset and how it still haunts him.

There have been horrible songs that have been much more recognized (Riding Dirty? ahem?) so...don't say its success is based on the manager...most people don't even know the White Stripes even though they're AMAZINGLY better at tone quality, tonality, chords, ETC than all the crap we hear on the radio these days like the single-hit rap songs that make some talentless fool rich.

This song has quality in its simplicity, even.

reply to what the.. | Reviewer: kirsty | 4/9/2008

have you heard the song?
it is originally by tegan and sara but both versions of the song are beautiful and the simplistic lyrics work..perhaps you are too foolish to appreciate something poetic and short though

WHAT THE ?!?!?!?!?!? | Reviewer: Staci | 12/19/2007

Hello!!! What kind of drugs and where can I get some. There is NOTHING but chorus in this song. I guess if I wanted to put a song out about jumping rope it would be over played if I had the right manager. Two thumbs down unless I was on the shrooms, and then it would be only one down.