you were hearing a different song. | Reviewer: squirrel. | 2/6/14

This is a reflection, and it sums my experience. I used to think i new what luv was and i used to get hurt alot, and mad, and confused about it; i was in my own bubble the entire time, sort of a selective hearing thing. So many songs she used to play but i always missed the main meaning that could have kept us together. Its better late than never to wake up. No more Denial.

Correction? | Reviewer: Allan | 6/9/12

In the last verse I'm pretty sure it's:

"But is the cause hitting on the cardinal laws about the proper place to hang her coat?"

rather than "But it's the cause...." as above.

Still one of the finest lyrics around....

A singer knows. | Reviewer: Freddy | 5/4/11

gt1085 you're a fool and you've never been in love. As a singer I can assure you that he will tell everyone in the world. The second verse is about how no one wants to say it, and some can't take it. Rock the boat is an old saying that speaks to how a girl rocks a man when he falls for her, and there's no denying it when it happens. Rock the boat is also an euphamism for sex, so the second half of the song Jack made about cheating and a broken heart, but really it doesn't change because the girl never admitted to anything. Cuz you were singin a different song. Yea you were singin a different song. And the boat yea you know she's rockin it, and the truth yea you know there's no stoppin it...

hmm | Reviewer: gt1085 | 12/14/10

Clever song,but has no meaning,no messeage just a dead song that have know effect on the problem,everyone sing,but no action its more misleding the people inthier spelling condition wakr up the people first so you can clean out your Church where Lucifer has a strong hold on and will not be uprooted,the priest know that why they have too lie and teach it in church.that the twist.

YEAH!!! | Reviewer: Psycho Cheese | 1/18/10

First correct lyrics to this song I have ever seen! Thank you thank you thank you! I finally know what they are!

LoL... this is my on-and-off favourite song since I discovered it like 2 years ago... The White Stripes are my life.

the white stripes rockk | Reviewer: Kaitlin O'Brien | 12/11/09

I effin love this song! the lyrics really caught my attention. everything that could possibly be good about song is in this song in my opinion. If you don't like this may need some therapy.

Hot song. | Reviewer: Zebra 911 | 9/18/09

I love this song!

The lyrics put together with the rythym make it such a fun, awkward song. And don't forget about that catchy piano tune. I've heard lots of times and I find myself singing the piano tune without noticing.

White Stripes are da bomb ;)

x | Reviewer: Me | 2/1/08

When I come here I love to see that people like the White Stripes for something other than Seven Nation Army.

It's silly to see that "The Hottest Songs Last Week" below this are junk like Flo Rida Featuring T-Pain and Timbaland.

what is the point in a title? | Reviewer: crazyirishchick | 7/21/07

the denial twist is so catchy i just had to get the lyrics for it! this song and my doorbell are the best on `get behind me satan` by far, and ive said it before but i will say it again...jack-well, the STRIPES- make the piano look cool. makes me happy to see that so many people luv this song

I'm not even a big White Stripes fan... | Reviewer: Marcus McKinney | 7/11/07

I may not be just a huge White Stripes fan, however this song can speak to people beyond their fan base, and that is what truely great bands to. They will cross their genre and experiment with different sounds that may inspire people that normally wouldn't be listening to their record. I felt so strongly about this song that I desided to write a review from it. As a muisician that means a lot.

White Stripes=favorite band. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/07

I Love this band so much. I just heard a couple songs before from my family but they were never big fans even though I am now. I love this song to because the first couple lines totally get my attention.
gotta love it

"very nice"- borat | Reviewer: chROniCmiKe | 7/2/07

first of all, ive been a big white stripes fan ever since i heard seven nation army when it first came out, still a great song.

ok, when i first heard this song on the radio, it immediately caught my attention and i had to turn it up. i was like "oooo yeaah"... but my dad, and all of my friends, even those who liked them before, hated the song.
o well, sucks to be them. this song kicks ass :)

i luv this song | Reviewer: Someone | 7/2/07

I always did enjoy this song, and the music video is awesome! They just never cease to amaze me!

LUV THIS SONG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/07

This song is 1 of the greatest WS songs of all time. Gotta love the starting lyrics and the bluesy vocals. Best song on elephant seconded by the air near my fingers. WS 4EVER

Life songs | Reviewer: poky | 6/9/07

when this song came out, it really caught me ( not a big WS fan). now ive re-heard it and it opens my mind to somethin that was goin on at the time it came out (cheatin girlfriend.." no thats not what happened.".)Wish I'd have listened to the lyrics than as I do now.WS ROCKS.