rockin' with jack n meg!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/07

The song's great! I think that the music video is one of their best, though; besides "Blue Orchid" and "My Doorbell". This album was probably their most creative album since "Elephant"; and I can't wait 'till Icky Thump (the WHOLE ALBUM!!) comes out on July 17!

STripes keep rockkin!! | Reviewer: Todd | 5/12/07

THis song rocks our band does a cover of it.. and its great. the stripes are coming out with another album called icky thump i alreayd have the single and they are once again on fire in this album. They just keep goin and goin..

how can i write a song like this | Reviewer: Jack'sColdSweat | 5/14/07

I never listen to rock but the White STripes is just something else ... Talk about music with conscience. Listening to this song when relationships go sour is like looking at myself in the mirror - yeah now i can see it. This band rocks.

kickass | Reviewer: IrishSurfnGuitar | 4/29/07

i love this song. its catchy, has good lyrics, musically great, and simple. its everything you need for a good rock song.

Best Band Great Song | Reviewer: GuyWithBestMusicTaste | 4/28/07

Another terrific Song by the best still-existing band in the universe.
the other "the"-hype bands shall all go f**k themselves and stop makin crappy shit music

----About The Song Denial Twist | Reviewer: Lucy P. | 3/27/07

This song has one of the most amazing lyrics i have ever heard! It's defenetly an aesome song. Thank God my friend Angela showed me this song...actually sdhe introduced me to The White Stripes =]

Brill Song | Reviewer: Ivory | 2/24/07

hey this song is fab, i love to play it in my bedroom but my sister hates the whites stripes and she plays all rubbish music

Great song! | Reviewer: Mary Jo | 9/16/06

This song is Great. About a year ago I knew nothing about this band. I had heard none of there songs untill one day my brother started playing them. I dont think I liked them at first but when I heard about Meg, the drummer of the band I started listening to their songs. This song has a really good beat and the lyrics are cool.

Great song | Reviewer: never mind | 9/16/06

about a year ago i wasnt a big fan of this band, but my brother started playing their songs pretty much 24/7 at that time. Now I know just about every song of theirs and this song I have to say is one of there best.

J. White is still | Reviewer: corypolo | 3/17/06

Yeah, I really like the song due to it's poetry.

I think anonymous is right in the fact that you can initially dismiss it because Jack sings it in his own inimitable way, and you first hear the rhythm of the words; then, with another listen or two, you realize that the content is quite interesting and well written.

I mean, take the line about "wisdom in the back of your tooth/ ya better spit it out in the telephone booth" (probably the first thing that caught my ear many songs can YOU think of with the word "spit" in it? LOL!) obviously has some resonance to it in his life (and at least the second song of his I know of in which he references teeth [the other being "The Hardest Button To Button", in which he talks about a kid with a toothache--maybe eating all those sweets is what made that button so hard! lol]) as well as being a clever 'twist' of a phrase.

The the end, the song (to me) seems to be all about denial and how it can twist a person's actions/perceptions into executing poor judgement. The nice thing is that Jack also communicates hope, that the twist can turn the other way and yield the truth "just by singing a different song".

the denial twist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/05

Simple brilliant, on first hearing of the album you kind of pass the song buy. But i grows by the second and third play into a truley remarkable song, so catchy but really gritty at the same time. 10/10