The way I see it | Reviewer: Bpd | 12/21/13

It's about trying to leave an addiction. Working hard to get away from it and wanting it back. This also happens to be the same sort of addiction someone trying to escape a girlfriend with borderline personality disorder. Anyone who has tried to leave a bpd will know exactly what the longing and craving feelings are like. Nothing, not even a seven army nation, can stop the craving. It's about some sort of addiction for sure and since he has other songs/lyrics like "little ghost" I think it's about trying to leave a bpd partner.

shell-shocked | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/12

The powerful beat & lyrics combine to reveal an equally powerful message and "everyone knows about it." We've all heard about the New World Order but yet many choose to keep the concept in the recesses of their minds because the reality of it is that disturbing. "If I catch you coming back my way I'm gonna serve it to you. And that ain't what you wanna hear" illustrating that same notion of keeping it hidden in our minds. It's not what we want to hear. But once you realize its power has overcome you, you are a part of serving it too. "I will think no more" captures the sense of the powerful Order controlling the actions & work of the servant population. While so many other interpretations of the lyrics lend opportunity, I think artists produce their works from very motivating & concerning topics, much like the New World Order. The lyrics refer to global particulars such as 7 nations & lord; communication to a higher cause.

I'm Gonna Work the Straw | Reviewer: Goober Fan | 9/20/12

In the early 90's Jack White was the drummer for Detroit cow-punk band Goober and The Peas. A trademark of the band's live shows was to throw a lot of straw into the air and crowd. This phrase is a shout-out to his old band.

The Meaning is Clear | Reviewer: Who Dat Nation Girl | 9/9/12

Read the lyrics carefully. It is clearly about someone strung out on drugs, tired of it and wanting to go home to be free of it all. The last verse mentions the stain of blood.....the drugs were used via a needle. The Seven Nation Army is not critical to the meaning of the song, but rather is implying that being so amped up on drugs, no one could handle him. A few lines refer to the paranoia that comes with massive drug use. Makes sense now, doesn't it?? If you have never used a lot of drugs, talk to someone who has and ask them what they think. They will agree with me.

meaning and no meaning | Reviewer: vron | 7/6/12

All interpretations are valid, as well as none of them.
The song literally is full of meaning and images.
The voice screeches.
The beat,the´s a cry of frustration, guts, search and determination.
Still great.

Another Opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/12

Actually, regardless of where the song's origin was, the writer could've put meaning into it. I like the Wizard of Oz view on it. Just because someone says "this song came from a mispronunciation" doesn't mean they didn't write it with a deeper meaning. =P

You guys are all idiots. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/12

There is no 'real, profound' meaning to the 'seven nation army'. Jack White had stated in an interview that when he was younger, he thought the Salvation Army was pronounced Seven Nation Army. That's it. No new world order shit or anything else like that.

Meaning of 7 nation army | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/11

Seven Nation Army: 7 Nation Army is mentioned in the Bible in the conquest of Canaan.

Seven Nations — the name also refers to the seven original Celtic nations of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Galecia, Isle of Man, and Brittany. Since the Queen of England is mentioned in the song, this sort of makes sense.

I think the song refers to a great scam perpetrated on the world. I think the last verse is a metaphor of the Wizard of Oz.

i'm going to wichita- (Kansas is Dorthy's home)
far from this opera forever more
i'm gonna work the straw.....(scarecrow)(biblical reference of baking bricks without straw)(research strawman concept..a great scam)
make the sweat drip out of every pore
and i'm bleedin'
and i'm bleedin'
and i'm bleedin'
right before the lord (symbolically the wizard)
All the words are gonna bleed from me and I will THINK no more. (Scarecrow lack of brain)
and the stains coming from my blood tell me go back home....(no place like home)

In the video, during the part ,"bleeding before the lord", a green tongue of fire appears over his head. This would also support the wizard of oz theory in that the wizard's image was green and surrounded with fire. The video also used a constant moving triangle shape graphic effect. This is similar to the triangular shaped hallway that led up to the wizard's chamber.

I think Mr. White is smarter than we give him credit. He obviously is not afraid to use symbolism or make biblical references as in "Get behind me Satan".

7 nation | Reviewer: john | 9/24/10

I love the song but I think the one line reference to a Seven nation army lyric is a reference to one of the most powerful indian alliances in the Americas and that is why he states that a seven nation army could not hold him back, he is from the northern United States and this would be a common term in that region. I know that he has stated that it is a term he used for the salvation army but in that context it sounds odd, and being an artist you never know if you are getting a straight answer or not.

REAL meaning | Reviewer: angel | 8/9/10

If you all have done a bit of research about the NWO, you all would know what this song is about, and thats why most people who dont know about it, have trouble finding the real meaning of this song. As soon as I heard the lyrics of this song, I knew right away what it was about. Please do your research---> New World Order!!!

This is my #2 song on my top ten list... | Reviewer: JoeMoose31 | 3/17/10

Imagine by John Lennon is my #1. I'm in total agreement with Answer to the Meaning of this Song | Reviewer: The Answer | 12/3/07

Although I could be quite wrong, this is what I think the meaning of this song is:

He (the writer of this song), is unhappy with his life, all the people in it, and pretty much everything involved in it. He gets a "feeling coming from his bones" which tells him to find a new life somewhere new. So, he goes to Wichita, which is in Kansas, and gets a job as a straw worker. However, when he gets his new job and starts a new life, he finds that this is not what he was meant to do either, and that his old home was really the place he should be.


check me out, SUE! this main (Brother Jack White) is one of them midwest seers, BUT i'm not completely sure. here he has given us a vision of a man's man going to war with evil the only way you can. a "let em take it all, i'll get it all back" kinda guy. A MAN'S MAN!!! hopefully he quits smoking, though... maybe? who knows? does anybody really know anything? i know i don't BUT does the church know anything? do the jews or muslims know anything? a most definitely a probably NOT! they all talk about the conflict, but do we really know anything about the MAN or MEN that are going to resolve it? i think Brother Jack White has an idea. and again, i'm not completely sure. it's just an idea of another idea and A GOOD DAY TO YOU!!!

Same words different group | Reviewer: Susan | 11/15/09

I just heard the Oak Ridge Boys do this on Direct TV 101; it brought chills down my neck. The meaning I get from the song is there will be a conflict that is known by the powers of the earth and he sees it coming. He intends to retaliate in kind but he will return to his roots to rest after the conflict. Sorry but this is my interpretation from a life of 60 plus years.

awesome! | Reviewer: :D | 1/7/09

This song's greaat. I've known it for the longest time, but never knew what it was called, haha. . . and I heard it on the radio and finally got it on my iPod touch. now it's one of the most frequent songs I listen to! :D

theres no place like home | Reviewer: bruce fox | 11/20/08

just like the line from the wizard of oz...."there's no place like home!" this is what Mr white is trying to convey to the listener. if I'm wrong ...sorry to be that.The simplicity of this song is what makes it stick up there where you're listening.I've just added it to my new band "SID JANGLS" line up of covers.If you want to check out one of our new originals go to and rate WAR WAR WAR under bruce fox