His music is a real inspiration | Reviewer: Óttar | 1/25/06

jeah im from iceland and people around here are really feeling his music, im thrilled about it and hope to bee something like him some day. incredible that the band is 2 people and he practically knows all instruments in it. i am shure he is goning to be even more sucsessfull

... | Reviewer: Cassie | 8/30/05

yes..Jack White does rock. He plays a 1964 JB Hutto Model Montgomery Airline...just to let you know. and Miss Meg kits are Pearl and Ludwig.

They Rock my socks off....

... | Reviewer: Sokrata | 4/24/05

Yo, jack white rules in his guitar play!
He's the best (does anyone know what kind of guitar he's playing anyway?)
and meg rocks to with her drums!