Hard to Explain ... but Definetly Unlike anything I've heard in a long time! | Reviewer: Rob | 7/7/10

I picked up a pair of drumsticks at the age of 9 ... the year was 1969. Ya that's right I'm an old guy now but listen up Rockers! I learned & practiced to bands like Black Sabbath, Humble Pie, Deep Purple, Led Zepplin. Played in tons of bands. Played parties, high schools, put on our own shows. Jammed out through many nights at wild parties until the early morning. All these years later having listened to band after band on the radio I have never heard anyone play & write real pure Rock with such feeling and intensity like The Whites Stripes! I saw guys like Jimmy Page & Ritchie Blackmore play live. When Jack White plays its like nothing else on the airwaves today. I wonder if really understands what is has done.

jack has inspierd me.. | Reviewer: monica | 5/3/10

what can i say i love music!! jack white is the best guitar player i noe so far nd always will be.. i would like to noe wen u guys are coming to houston.. i wish i could sit with jack nd let him share the secrets to his guitar playin with me..everyone has a different reason for everything nd i was born to play nd i would love some advice from jack white>> plz : )

White Stripes | Reviewer: shaun | 8/8/08

The white stripes are truly inspiring to me. Their songs speak out to me too. I usually like different types of rock, but the white stripes are my favorite band. (im wearing a jack white shirt right now! :D)

Cool | Reviewer: Randy | 1/23/08

the White stripes are an awesome band I love them but jack is so good at guitar be cause he uses so much effects pedals but it still takes skill and talent to play like that even with effect pedals i give them on a scale from 1-10 i give them a 10 but my favorite sond is efffect and cause

Jack White: A Rock and Roll Genius | Reviewer: nicole | 6/29/07

I think of Jack White as the most intellectual and influencial musician we've had in a long time! I thought John Lennon was great. Jack is next in line, if not the leader. He's one of the greatest songwriters out there. I would love to see Jack and Meg in Chicago this fall.

the white stripes are amazing. | Reviewer: Breanna | 6/23/07

i can't get enough of them. i fell in love with their rythms and their beats a few days ago, and i haven't been able to get them out of my ear! I love them! and jack white is amazingly amazing. meg is perfect at guitar. they're just...perfect.

The band. | Reviewer: Logan Head | 6/3/07

Ugh The White Stripes are AMAZING!!!!!!! I cant get enough!! Icky Thump is genius!! and Conquest is insanely rad!!! =]

I play the same guitar as jack | Reviewer: Evan Suvee | 5/21/07

I play the same guitar as jack and it is a 1964 JB Hutto Mongomery Airline
it is an awesome guitar i LOVE IT it was cheap too it costed me $1300 kick ass deal 8-)

My cuz used to play in your band!! | Reviewer: RYe Guy | 5/18/07

I'de like to know the details he palyed keyboard before you guys were famous. Please contact me and tell me more

coming to our party?? detroit?? | Reviewer: Sally Ramon-English | 4/14/07

contact your bro- Joe,
hope you come, I can't get a hold of you any other way, except thru Joe.
Can send you flyer, just email me.