Big words, little mind... | Reviewer: Cliff | 9/13/13

Ripoff? It's a cover of a great song, sang in appreciation. Your looking at things all wrong. Keeping the song alive, and bringing it to a younger generations attention is admirable, not desecration. Beefheart and other peers covered many songs, with a fresh re-imagining, and that is a very respectable tradition, dating long before either artist.

The party of descration. | Reviewer: If ya got ears! | 8/27/13

It`s really a drag when a rip off for self aggrandisement drives a bulldozer over all the magical qualities, humor and subtleties of the original. While the critics rated this period an artistic lowpoint for Beefheart-the difference between the the original and the rip off is like heaven and hell.

Still special after nearly 10 years... | Reviewer: VoodooPigeon | 5/26/10

This is a very interesting song, covering the Don Van Vliet - orginally Don Glen Vliet - a.k.a Captain Beefheart, orginal. It entails the story of a man's trip of drugs, sent to an orgy (hence "party of special things to do") by the "Ace of Love", whilst meeting several characters, inlcuding the "Red Queen", "Elixir Sue" and the "Mirror Man". Originally released along with two other Beefheart covers on the 7" single of the same name, "Party.."'s throbbing and chunky guitar riff exemplifies Jack White's ability to bring something new to an old classic song, punctuated by Meg White's thumping bass and crystal-clear cymbals. This really is quite a record; not only as a song on its own, but as a collection of songs given the red-and-white blues-rock twist.