Notice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/11

It has been claimed that this song is the best and worst doorbell song ever. Let me assure you Mr. Ding and Mr. Dong that it indeed is "The best doorbell song I've ever heard."

-Mr Dingadong
CEO of The British Doorbell Association.

Disclaimer | Reviewer: Mr Dong | 1/15/11

I can confirm that this is not "the best doorbell song [the association has] ever heard", since such a decision cannot be supported by empirical data. We have taken appropriate disciplinary action against Mr Ding.

Mr Dong
Director of the British Doorbell Association

Your welcome | Reviewer: Your Welcome | 7/12/09

this song makes me feel all jazzed up and ready 2 dance. my fried did a dance 2 this song 4 a dance school. it was amazing and 1 of my favorite dances. my other fave dance was 2 a song called beware of the boys. it was an african song with a little hip hop 2 it. AMAZING!

luv this song | Reviewer: crazyirishchick | 7/21/07

just got off a site that supposedly had lyrics for this was hilarious how wrong they were but i have `em now anyways! this song rocks he makes the piano cool.

hey | Reviewer: andrew peter stclair | 5/31/07

i love this band!
they are radtastic.
i love all their songs
especially doorbell.

worst doorbell song ever | Reviewer: Mr Dong | 3/23/07

MR DOORBELL! this is the worst doorbell song ive ever heard....i prefer knockin on heavens door to be honest....they dont have doorbells in heaven

dam good song | Reviewer: harry che | 11/11/05

this, if i may say so myself is very appropiate to the current world status.!!!!! just think bout tht for a second....... yes, you see?!??

Doorbell | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/05

It is the best doorbell song I've ever heard

Mr Ding
The British Doorbell Association

reminder | Reviewer: katherine | 8/2/05

the lrics remind me of how i felt in my last relationship! freaky! i think its a bloody good song though

Thank you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/05

I really didn't know what he was singing about and now I know.