Great Song | Reviewer: Cheryl Moore | 1/26/13

My grandkids and I watched Paranorman over and over that I ended up just buying it from the Redbox.. And after the movie I have to play the song over and over.. I downloaded the song from Itunes and its on both their Ipads.. Love the song !! And it fits !

HOW MUCH AWESOME IS TOO MUCH?!?! | Reviewer: Mikester | 9/9/12

I love this song because I have a psychosis that is totally just like this. I am so weird and lonely that no human can love me. So finally I fell in love with myself and projected it on other people and predictably it started abusing me just like people do. Now I realize it was probably all in my head but I still sorta believe I must have lived in a haunted house or something. And very sad and tragic that I'm having to go through this and even less likely to be loved!! But music has saved my life more than once and it puts a smile on my face to know that this song was written by my ghost, just for me, through Jack White. J/K but seriously!! kbye...

little ghost a story sangin a cheerful way | Reviewer: stephanie mander | 1/20/11

this song sang by Jack White has a story behind it. I don't quite know what the story means and its a great songnot that known by people some people think its not the White Stripes best song but i think it is a great song with a story behind it.

Jack White is a Lyrical Genius | Reviewer: Shack | 6/20/05

It may not be obvious as you read the printed words, but listen to this song and hear the complexity - what other song do you know with the words 'specter' and 'apparition'. Maybe one of the cutest songs of all time.