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Performed by The White Stripes

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Stupids | Reviewer: Lunch. | 7/15/07

Holey fuck, some of you Americans are seemingly more stupid than Bush!!

Get a fucking life, jeez. Your country is an abomination to the entire world, I would have elected Paris Hilton for president faster than Bush.

Please, rednecks, keep your pro-war propaganda and pseudo-stalwart country enthusiasm to yourselves.

shut the hell up and just listen to the fucking song. | Reviewer: Daffy | 7/16/07

if anyone actually cares about your political views that you posted as a reply to song lyrics on a lyrics site, then i think they should be pushed off a cliff. but that's just my opinion.

this isn't a message board to argue over politics. if you wanna do that, go find one. here's not the place to do it.

Love it! | Reviewer: Lala | 7/16/07

Love the song, don't care what the lyrics are like, just listen to to music people! Love The White Stripes!

Immigrant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/07

YEAh, hes right we r immigrants but at least we did it the legal way! Im for having nationalism but FUCK ANYONE who comes here waving their country's flag thats not American in here. If your in America your a fucken American start acting like it!

damn democrats

stupid pussy ass hippes | Reviewer: alec | 7/13/07

anyone who thinks we shouldnt be in teh war is a fucking pussy, yea maybe we didnt go over there to save the iraqi people but there was athreat and that was our excuse, and the bottom line it sometiems you gotta make sacrifice to save your own ass, and hell why not kill to birds with one stone, now all those people are on the way to a free country. you people have been so blinded by the left wing media that you dont have any idea what is going on in the work, so go cut your balls off and sit and wait to get blown up, as long as rising fuel prices and global warming doesnt get you first, (yea, im saying global warming is a crock of shit but i dont feel like going over that now) and i dotn care what any of you ignorant assholes say because i know whats right.

you know | Reviewer: Julian | 7/11/07

i like this song loads! yeah illegal immigrants are costing us money but so is searchin for nuclear weapons that don't exist and turning a blind idea to problem in Sudan and other war torn countries where millions die each day. its cute to see you little punks cowering behind a computer monitor with your little opinions. do something about the war or shut the fuck up. don't like it? rally, retaliate, boycott, leave. love it? JOIN THE ARMY THEN. don't complain about hippies while sipping your ice tea behind a monitor connected to a lyrics website. Immigrants, The united states is found on backstabbing,treachery, murder, and cruelty. or as some say, cunning, skill, strength, and courage. Open your eyes, do something, i do things to express my beliefs. Make music, paint picture, write a story, do something. No less, i love this song. inginuitive and well written.

Yeayea | Reviewer: TxIxAxCxC.- | 7/8/07

Jeez, do you guys always start some kind of semi-political discussion when you listen to this tune or what? -.-

wow | Reviewer: sum1 | 7/8/07

some of you have some dumb ass opinions..........immigrants make our country our country and illegal immigrants do alot of work for us but it is rediculus we have to pay more taxes because of that and who the fuck says the america isnt a country...... your just retarded and yes the war is making us lose alot of troops which is gay but its americas war not "Bush's war" personally i hate bush but this is our war not his and if u hate the war then y the hell r you in america deal with what our country deals with or get the fuck out

to brent: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

brent, you ignorant ass, consider this:

1. the country into which a person is born is determined completely by chance. therefore, the fact that you were born into this country, and that another person was born outside of it, are utterly random. you cannot say, then, that you deserve more to live here than someone else, because the fact that you were born here, land that they were not, was not determined by you. is unethical of us to discriminate based upon random criteria, such as race, sex, or (in this case) country of origin.

2. Legal immigration is nigh upon impossible. it is an elitist system that favours the rich, and persons without the means to purchase their entry are the ones who need it most. it should be a right of any person to live in whichever country he or she wants, because country of origin is, as established in (1), random. Furthermore, you ignorantly assume that illegals cost you tax money. how, exactly? if they don't pay taxes, they cannot reap their benefits (it is impossible to get social security, for example, without a SSN). If they do pay taxes, which many do, then they are entitled to those benefits.

3. Generally the same as (2). Also: temper, temper.

4. I agree that there is such a thing as an american. however, the concept of an "american" is based upon culture, and anyone can assume a culture, even first generation immigrants. and if they are not assimilated, what is the harm done to you? the US is about diversity, and the varying world cultures that congregate here is what makes the country unique.

5. as i have already said, i believe that all people, regardless of race, socio-economic status, or country of origin, have the right to live where ever they'd like, and also have other inherent rights. if you cannot deal with a crowded city in the name of human rights, you have utterly missed the point of the united states. Furthermore, the brain stem is not responsible for comprehension. so if a person had "less than half a [sic] brain stem," they would be unable to comprehend such a sentence, among many other things (such as seeing, typing, et cetera).

6. Though the war in iraq is hardly the topic of this debate, i will respond here as well. It is not my war. The problem with the "majority rule" mentality that Lincoln imposed on the country is that it tramples on the rights of the minorities. even if the populace had elected bush before the war (which, as it turns out, they didn't), i would maintain that it is my right to disagree with the policies of the government. you make the point that we have over 100,000 men there. this is true. however, we should have zero men there (at least, zero armed men. troops can be used for constructive purposes in addition to destructive ones. see the republic of italy's involvement in afghanistan). I reject your premise, and therefore, your entire argument is invalid. The concept that we should leave the country if we disagree with its policies is also troubling. First, if we followed this advice, 72% of americans would have to leave. Secondly, dissent is more american than agreement. to be able to freely voice your opinions, even when they differ with those of the leaders, is the foundation of the country.

yadda yadda | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/07

screw you all you suck if you dont believe what i believe you are stupid etc.

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