none of u understand | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/07

the purpose is that we are ALL immigrants

there is no such thing as an "American". we all have different bloodlines and things from all over the world, so the concept is that we are all immigrants, so let the mexicans come.

i dont agree, but the song still rules and in a way its the truth

we're all the same asshole | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/07

We're all immigrants, we're all the same. who gives a fuck if they come here.

fuck "red blooded american" | Reviewer: pro-immigrant | 6/20/07

immigrants deserve to be in this country as much as we do
Jack White is right

go watch a day with out a mexican and shut the fuck up

its close minded ppl like u that are killing this country

and fuck bush and his war

Kick em out | Reviewer: Red Blooded American | 6/18/07

Fuck the white stripes...Americas = America, Mexicans = Mexico. They prolly dont live in California or another state on the border of Mexico where the illegals are causing citizens major taxes and over populating our cities.

White stripes ROCK!!! | Reviewer: savannah | 6/18/07

The White Stripes are the best!They are doing so good for only being a two person band.I hope they keep doing more music cause i cant wait for what they will come out with next

icky thump | Reviewer: dani.elle | 6/14/07

i think the best part would be...
"you cant be a pimp and a prostitute to" because its o so true.Ive tried

the best part | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/07

you forgot the best part of the song when he is singing lalalalalalalalala :)