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Performed by The White Stripes

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The song | Reviewer: mystery boy | 10/30/10

this song is about telling peoople to stop moaning and get on with life. There is no nationality just people, and if it means so much about being an immigrant, put a pillow case on your head and f*** off!

Yikes... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/10

I had a good laugh at the comment that stated Aboriginal (that's right, not 'Indian') people were from India thousands of years ago.

Since most of our ancestors are gone, I think we can finally acknowledge that the Aboriginal people were the original race of this country and that European settlers used them, stole their land, and essentially murdered and destroyed a large part of the human species (and destroyed original North American culture). I'm sure most of them didn't mean to do it... but how many of us have done something we regret later... ?

And yeah, the rest us are immigrants, so nice lyrics Icky Thump... I turn up the radio every time this song plays...

Silly people. :P | Reviewer: Anonymoose | 6/5/10

I haven't read all the comments, but I have read some. I can't believe you're all arguing over who has a right to be here and what the song's saying about it. I think that the song is really just telling everyone to just shut up about other people--point one finger, then look at your hand--there are three pointed back at you. And if you use all five fingers to point, you're doing the heil hitler. Good job, people. You've probably just taught the next generation how to hate people different from them. Everyone has a right to be where they are. Who are mankind to say where a person may or may not go? What if you tried to leave your state (If you're an american) and you got kicked out for leaving your home state and trying to live somewhere else? Sorry for preaching morals or whatever, it's just that I hate war and this is one of the primary building blocks, believe it or not. (hopefully I'm not the only one thinking like this)

Come on!! | Reviewer: Kayla | 4/29/10

Great band great song!i think its funny how people some to this sight to argue about immigration :) hahaha it amazes me that people would rather talk about immigrants than, about the actual lyrics and song

honestly. . . | Reviewer: lex | 4/13/10

this is just sad, everyone fighting over what lyrics to a song are about. wow. the human population has again amazed me. instead of sitting online reading lyrics and arguing their meaning, arguing about immigrants, and other pointless bullshit to debate online; how about you go out and do something productive.
and a RATIONAL working white american, like myself, only get upset that illegal immigrants come into this country and avoid taxes, get paid under the table, and mostly end up homeless, etc. i understand that most of time they are trying to work towards a better life in the US for themselves and their family (whether back home or illegaly here too) and other push/pull factors but, seriously have some responsibility for yourself and get your damn papers.

wow | Reviewer: Aaron | 3/10/10

i just thought of something okay if you think about it everyone on the planet is an immigrant except if you like live in africa or the middle east

and guess what white americans are Illegal immigrants too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont believe me think about it
when the idians came no one was here so they were legal.

but when white people came over
idians already were set up and didnt say we could come here
so we came illegally against the idians!!!!!!!

ahhh its such a shocker hahahahah

coolness:)) | Reviewer: haha123 | 2/13/10

haha i swear you people are all so lame!! like seriously, my parents are mexican immigrants and like yeahh...NOO offense taken at all! people like to make things such a big deal and in the end, its just a song, a freakin' awesome song!! so like stop trying to find the hidden message behind the song, stop getting all butt-hurt about it, and just sing the song at the top of your lungs...
---love, thelamestpersonever:)

you got it all wrong. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/09

the reason people are prejudiced to immigrants is because we cannot fit new people in our country. and although this is correct, that they should be allowed, prejudice is pointed to immigrants who shouldn't be here(ie illegal aliens) because they come over illegally and steal our jobs, create racial tension(just by being here, which sucks for them, but we just can't have more right now), bring diseases, and piss people off in general.

period | Reviewer: reena | 5/13/09

one of the most genius bands ever. period. regardless of whether or not the tone deaf morons out there "like" the band, they're fantastic. make your own out of the lyrics, get them stuck in your head, and smile. it's all good my friend.

You're arguing too | Reviewer: ben | 2/9/09

Or rather, you are complaining about the comments made on these song lyrics.

You want other people to "shut the fuck up", and yet you think it's fine that you're typing down your thoughts as well.

The best thing you can do is ignore the comments made on this site if they piss you off that much.

I really don't mind them (I might not agree with all of them), I'm just trying to be informative to future viewers who are thinking of posting uncivil and perhaps hurtful comments to those who most likely won't end up returning to this page.

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