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Performed by The White Stripes

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RE: u guys are hopeless | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/07

i agree with the person who commented before me. it's just a song, ppl. do u really need to take it so seriously? u ppl are ridiculous. if u have such a problem with it, find out how to contact Jack White and take it up with him. otherwise, shut the hell up.


u guys are hopeless | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/07

oh my god u lot. it's just a song like so many they've done. u don't need to comment on it. americans are selfish, money-hooked people, and jack white realizes that and he makes a statement in that song. and he is critizing america, but having a mexican outlook to it. america just wants to take over the world, they ain't taking over australia, over my dead body.

get a life u dicks

Great song | Reviewer: Jon | 12/14/07

It's a great song, and what i dont undersatnd is: why are so many of u mexicans getting offended because most of u come over illegaly? its just a friggin song

i don't care what ypu say i love this song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/07

icky thump is a dam awesome song! i don't know what you guys problem is weather you hit yourself on the head or if your deaf!

BS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/07

The White Stripes can do political statements if they want to...god! Why don't you all stay with your political-free Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan

yur crazy | Reviewer: daniel garcia | 11/13/07

these lyrics stink... there nothing like the actual lyrics. first u need to actually listen to the song and then try to write the lyrics. all i can say about these lyrics YOUR CRAZY!!!!!!!!

word | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

Funny thing is if you immigrate to mexico from say honuduras the mexicans throw you in prison. Tell you what when mexico kills the hyprocrisy then they come here untill then, either come her legally or dont come at all. -I'm mexican, my family came legally.

immigration | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/07

this shits rediculous. Its just a song, that statement over immigration was false you want to come here, come legally , and there wont be any bull shit honestly i lost all sympathy when they sang the Star spangled banner in spanish that was mad disrespectful. Yes there is no distinguished language for the U.S. but its implied to be english. so dont try to argue that point. 2nd of all, I could care less about the immigrants. I'm mexican my famimly came legally, they can too. 3rd. Mexico throws your ass in prison you immigrate there so fuck them and their hypocrisy. MAke a better life? THEy hang outside home depot, and hit on twelve year olds. It's disgusting. yeah make a better life?. We've enabled the immigrants for too long its time they took care of themselves. As far im concerned fuck them, thake repsonsibilty for yourself, and do it legally.

icky thump by white stripes | Reviewer: JOSIE | 9/8/07

okay well 1st of im a mexican but i wasborn here n dats ture u knw bout immagrants tryin 2 get over here 4 a bttr life n i thank ma prnts 4 dat dey ddnt want me n ma brothes n sister 2 hav da same life dey did n im tired of hearin ur an immagrant go bak 2 ur country u dnt b long here but despite all dat i keep goin i go through it very day at skool ppl givin me luks tellin me 2 go 2 ma country n all dis stuff u knw but wat ever u knw wat else mexicans arent da only ones dat immagrent over here its 4rm all over da world insearch of a better life.
oh n 1 more thing i luv song

To Keifer | Reviewer: Chris | 8/17/07

This is towards keifer, we didnt win the vietnam war, because we couldnt. they knew the land all too well, we didnt. same with the war on terror, the terrorist know the land all too well, and we do not. THAT is why we will not win the war. Now, as far as not supporting the troops, that is just a disgrace. i have yet to meet ONE person who is not in support of the troops, what you have to learn is that there is supporting the war, and supporting the troops, i am completely against the war, but support the troops 100%.

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