Reviews for Icky Thump Lyrics

Performed by The White Stripes

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ATTN: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/07

It's a SONG. If you don't like it, don't listen to the song, it's that simple. Okay? What we don't need is idiots spamming up the website.

If you have nothing useful to say, please shut the f*** up, because the rest of us really don't care.

well... | Reviewer: Alyssa | 7/29/07

some people take things to god damn seriously u just need to lighten up and enjoy the effin music thats what music is all about anyway so friggin enjoy it dammit!!

well.. | Reviewer: Alyssa | 7/29/07

some people take things too god damn serious! u just need to lighten up and enjoy the friggen music dammit... god...

ur a tard | Reviewer: don't matter | 7/29/07

ya ok indian named bob, ur retarded. He says white americans. hmmm what is it that indians called the british and what not back on the day, o ya white man, hmmmmm. And if you really want to get into ur from asia and you crossed the bering staight making your an immagrant, either way you should kill yourself cuz you suck. Also there is no such thing as an american indian unless they indeed moved from india like an african american. Its either native american which is also wrong or indian which is also wrong. So if i where indian/native american i wouold just go by the name of my ancestors tribe. But you are retarded so you don't do that. This is why all of you are dead because you are stupid and can't make good weapons.

White Stripes Suck | Reviewer: Bob | 7/28/07

I guess I need to kick myself out I'm an immigrant too, no wait a minute, I'm an American Indian (Native American for you PC lovers). So I'm not an immigrant too, Jack White, you dumb bastard. What the hell are these stupid lyrics supposed to mean anyway? Why don't you kick yourself out then Jack White?

Don't these people listen to their CDs after they record them or do they just listen to the stupid yesmen and dingleberries that surround them? It's like an audible "Emporer's New Clothes." The lead singer needs to get a reality and tell the chick on the drums to take it easy on the cymbal while you're at it, O.K.? Take some music lessons "A"holes.

This band/tune is so derivative, rip-offish of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" much? Also Zepplinesque (first three Led Zep albums), except with nowhere near the talent or background (or respect for the blues) of LZ prior to their becoming Led Zepplin. And BTW, Steve Howe wants his chord progression back. They sound like an even cheesier version of Jet. Shows you how desperate record company execs are that such a band gets promoted, also the paucity of quality music currently that anyone thinks these people are anything near decent. It seems the only music that gets promoted commercially is that which can be used to garner acceptable profits for record companies. "The White Stripes," brought to you by the almighty dollar. I feel so sorry for anyone who thinks these people are talented/good, you're being starved for quality music like someone who's only ever eaten junk food without the knowledge that good healthy nutritious food exists because you've never experienced it.

true true | Reviewer: andreina | 7/25/07

jajajajaj good one!!...semi-political discussion!! people its just a song!!!!

i <3 mcfly! :P

Bleh | Reviewer: Heather | 7/23/07

I'm just going to say that... this song is awesome. And, if you're just going to fight over your political views, take it up somewhere else. This is a discussion about the song, not wars and crap.

For God's sake! | Reviewer: Kit | 7/18/07

Talk about this over E-mail. I'm sure debating gives you such a rush, but a lot of us JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF THE SONG.

Admire Music | Reviewer: Jack Brown | 7/18/07

Sod the lyrics in this one. The music is Great. Great song.
Forget the lyrics. Admire the music

To anonymous idealist writing to Brent... | Reviewer: Kevin | 7/16/07

Your rhetoric is very pretty and politically correct, but my biggest problem with you liberal idealists is that you don’t think beyond that. You typically completely ignore the CONSEQUENCES of your pretty ideals.

Yes, illegal immigrants do cost is a lot of money in tax dollars. They cost us the tax dollars the government isn’t receiving if those who employ illegal immigrants weren’t paying them under the table, the tax dollars spent on government agencies created to deal with illegal immigrants, and most significantly, the tax dollars spent on educating the children of illegal immigrants in the public education system, which they contribute no money towards.

And again, it would be very nice and pretty if we could just let anyone who wanted to come to America in, but if we as a nation were to adapt that policy, I would give our nation a year before total collapse. There are hundreds of millions that would take us up on that offer, most of which are unskilled and uneducated laborers. Such an increase in only one social class would cause such an influx in population that unemployment, homelessness, poverty, and overcrowding would crumble our economy leading to a second great depression much worse than the first. And this is completely ignoring that Muslim terrorists would also flood into our country, carrying out the everyday suicide bombings that already occur overseas, wreaking havoc, death, and destruction on what was left of our government. Oh wait, I’m being racist by calling all terrorists ‘Muslims’. Well, you show me what other religion calls for men, women, and children to strap bombs onto themselves and kill as many innocent civilians as possible, or what religion besides the Muslims is calling for a global war to eradicate the infidels and I will promptly apologize. You may argue that this is only a minority of the Muslims, and you are right, but it is not an insignificant minority. Obviously its enough to have taken over several governments and enough people to fund several multi-million dollar global terrorist organizations.

You say our men in Iraq should be zero, or all unarmed. First, if we pull out of Iraq now, it will lead to a massive civil war that will results in hundreds of thousands of deaths. It would also create an entire generation of middle-eastern children who despise the U.S. for ruining their country and their lives, and we certainly don’t need any more enemies in the Middle East. And if our troops were unarmed, they would be slaughtered by said Muslim extremists who are already doing their best to kill our troops.

I will end by saying this. Despite that I strongly disagree with almost all of your opinions, I do highly respect the maturity with which you present them. I get very frustrated with the ignorant masses who have no idea why they believe what they do and simply swear and cuss at those who disagree with them. Ignorant.

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