yadda yadda | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/07

screw you all you suck if you dont believe what i believe you are stupid etc.

Best song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/07

Just shut the hell up and enjoy the fraking song you putz.

Best song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/07

Just shut the hell up and enjoy the damn song you putz.

-.- | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/07

Well, The Mexican imigrants live in USA,Because

wtf? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/07

Whats this bullcrap about being immigrants? This country was built on war and taking land from the natives... thats not immigration. and so its up to American government to decide who and how we let people in. if the mexicans dont want to get into the country the way other immigrants do then maybe they should start a war

Difference between legal and illegal | Reviewer: Matthew | 7/2/07

As long as it's LEGAL immigration, I don't care. The problem comes when Mexicans immigrate here ILLEGALLY. If they take the test and become a US citizen, then I don't have a problem with it. It's when they don't follow the rules that I get pissed.

I don't think this song is about ILLEGAL immigrants being allowed to stay but LEGAL immigrants.

america is not a country....... | Reviewer: jose | 6/30/07

is a continent all the way from alaska, and all the way down to argentina, even mexicans are americans, about time for you to learn something stupid usa citizens.

you're all stupid | Reviewer: brent | 6/27/07

1. Dont come here if you're coming here illegally.
2. No one here was bitching about legal immigrants, just the illegal ones that cost us tax money.
3. The people that responded to Red Blooded are suck ass babies, he never said immigrants couldn't be here, just the illegal ones that aren't supposed to be here, you nut fuckers.
4. The person that wrote "there is no such thing as an american" is a lame ass ho. I'm an american and damn proud, you can become one if you want, but legally.
5. What the fuck is Pro-Immigrant talking about. "It's closed minded people like you that are killing this country"-WHAT?! all he said is that he didn't like illegals coming here because its costing him money. Did he ever say he didnt like the legal ones that do grunt work?-NO, so what the fuck are you talking about. It takes less than a half a fucking brain stem to comprehend a simple statement such as "They prolly dont live in California or another state on the border of Mexico where the illegals are causing citizens major taxes and over populating our cities."- you little liberal babies need to take your whiny asses into mexico and stay there.
6. I can tell you're a damn liberal pussy by your completely unrelated segway into " Fuck Bush and his war."-It's your war too asshole. We have over 100,000 men over there. Its their war now, and the more this country doesn't support it, the less funding and morale they get. Their fighting with half the country opposing them. Fuck you, get out if you don't like it.

well... | Reviewer: don't matter | 6/28/07

i'm a mexican-american. and i do live like 15 miles away from the border. haha illegals do get annoying sometimes. and about that comment about no one is an "American". well i'm an american because i was born here, the only reason the mexican part is there is cause my parents come from mexico.
haha and that movie "a day without a mexican" sucked. haha i hate that movie.
and about "Bush's war".. at least we got Saddam out. i do agree its gone a little overboard since then.

proud mexican! | Reviewer: kt | 6/27/07

OK. who the hell would mow ur damn lawns if we didn't have mexicans? who would cook ur food? who would do all the jobs that white preppy americans would never dream of doing? the mexicans are not causing any problems being here. the other people are right, if we kick them out, we might as well kick ourselves out, technically we are ALL imigrants. most of the times, the mexicans are so much nicer than preppy white americans who think they're too good for everyone else!

BiH | Reviewer: jelly | 6/27/07

I love W.S.,they have their fans in a war-torn
country,Bosnia and Herzegovina..
So,keep up the good work

w/e "red blooded american" | Reviewer: ashley | 6/26/07

how the hell do you think you got here?
you ignorant boy?

hey | Reviewer: noone | 6/26/07

It is a good song and everyone who is complainging about immigration well I live 6 miles from the border in Texas so I mean I got no problem as long as they learn English I mean it would be common curtiousy

best song ever | Reviewer: California citizen | 6/23/07

I live in California where "illegals" are coming in and I don't give a fuck. Shut your mouth about things you don't understand. They have as much as a right to be here as we do.

Best song EVER, by the way.

Damn People | Reviewer: Dillon | 6/23/07

The white stripes have a point, if we kick out imamgrants then we should kick ourselves out to, because all our families were once immagrants to this country. And by the Way, "it's just a goddamn song people."