Wonderful song | Reviewer: Paul Olson | 5/26/09

The song starts off relatively laid back and mellow. The riff used throughout most of the song is absolutely beautiful, and extra flourishes are added along with it to improve the sound of it.

Meg's distinctive simplistic drumming style really does add a lot to the song. During the heavier parts, the cymbals crash constantly, as is a custom in some White Stripes songs. For the rest of the song, she keeps a simple, yet very fitting beat.

Jack incorporates many little solo sections, placed intermittently throughout the song. Some of them are screaming, distorted power houses, whereas others are either finger picked or just slowly plucked away subtly.

As for the lyrics, I have no idea what they mean. But I smile every time I hear some of the cleverly sculpted lines. They add more to the package than lyrics sometimes do, and you simply have to read them to love them.

An overall great package, I highly recommend this song to any White Stripes or blues fan. It's a true gem, and it's a shame so many people miss it.