Mary J | Reviewer: Rick | 6/13/13

Maybe this tune is influenced by ganja but you need all your singing and playing skills sharp when you are working in the studio. Maybe after the work was done they lit up. But I doubt CN was stoned when actually doing the vocal parts. The singing is really good and you need to get a big breath of air saved up to do those long 'ooh's'. You probably couldn't do that after smoking spliffs or bongs or whatever.

Replying to "ben" | Reviewer: Nick | 7/9/09

I think you need to think about that statement. Art can be changed. That's how fellow artists find their own style and voice. I could change every lyric in this song to go with my style or my meaning of this song. It's called improv. Andy Warhol changed the mona lisa to green yellow blue...all to show different perceptions of artwork..

AHHH COMMENTS | Reviewer: Ben | 9/10/08

I don't get it. Always compare all known stuffs to songs. a bit of this a bit of that a bit of bla bla bla .. who cares ?

Do you talk about paints this way ?
"Oooh i'd have put some blue here instead of yellow - green"

I say, when it's done ... there's nothing you could suggest to the work.

After all ... you like it or you don't.

fucking beautiful | Reviewer: sarah | 11/29/07

the start of it is a bit of a rip of the velvet under ground -who loves the sun-
but the song is increadibly simple in the lyrics but listening to it you would never guess this is what craig is saying he mumbles and sounds well really stoned. It the perfect cross between nirvana and the beatles, beautiful and melodic but still raw and un glamorous.

Mary jane | Reviewer: kip kinkle | 6/14/07

this song it's about smoking a joint and then realize minds are games.... or maybe i'm too high

ohhhhh my | Reviewer: jak | 5/11/07

this is such a powerful song, yet there isnt much to it....

listened to it after a sad day, whilst looking off the edge of a nearby hill

almost bought me to tears..

great review | Reviewer: xxx | 2/13/07

I must say,very god review thisglimpse ,couldn't reviewed it better myself.

interesting | Reviewer: thisglimpse | 6/26/05

so of course the title makes me think of Tom Petty. Nice little guitar bit at first sets it up as a mellow rock song. Sounds like Jet, which of course means it sounds like someone else. A little bit of Beatles. The Verve Pipe, etc. Seventies bands, maybe Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, though I’ve never listened to enough Zeppelin to really know. I should remedy that. It’s a long song with lots of parts. The clean electric intro comes back as an acoustic outro. All over slow, which makes it dreamy (or drug-hazy,) but that may be just that keeps it from being a real jewel. Not really one to sing along to – too slow, and then too repetitive. It shows that the Vines know how to write a rock song, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were lots of better songs on the CD. It definitely makes me interested to hear more of this CD.