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Performed by The Verve Pipe

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my view | Reviewer: coldstarvingnauseia | 2/9/09

warning dont read this if its gonna make you depressed...

Reminds me of the winter from hell I just had, still not sure I'm done climbing out of dantes inferno yet though.

And I take the meaning Freshmen literally but college, not highschool, lies, anger, death, authority, denial, and deliverance (hopefully). The only question that remains is will we ever learn?

From my point of view, I've always seen adults as cold submissive selfish people who only care about their own agenda, and if this is where I'm headed, take me back to 10 years ago or please just take me now because it hurts too much to wake up in the morning knowing this is the result, and is far too disturbing to actually sleep.

My intepretation is based on my life specifically this middle point and the expression on his face of guilt sadness and disbelief is exactly how I feel knowing that right now its quite possible nothing will ever get better. Happiness elludes me.

THERE IS NO BEST FRIEND | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/09

There is no "best friend". The "best friend" is the person himself, who is trying to distance himself from the whole incident, telling it like it happened to "a friend he knew'. Eventually, he fails to hold it up and owns it (notice that this is the only time he talked about another person, the rest of the lyrics is full of "I") because of the immeasurable guilt.

Freshmen here refers to him and the girl, the word "freshmen" being a metaphor for immaturity.

Dreams | Reviewer: Amanda | 11/21/08

Great song. Hadn't heard it in years and it was in a dream I had. The next night this dude on guitar played it in a local bar here in Norman. So I was looking up the lyrics and thought it was interesting that all these years I thought the line "I can't believe we'd ever die for these sins" was actually "I can't believe we'd ever doubt 40 cents" and I thought he was talking about a condom. This will forever remain a tragic but intriguing song to me.

Let's hash this out. | Reviewer: Cassben | 8/10/08

This is how I see it. Two guys, two girls. Guy 1 knocked up his/some girl and pushed for an abortion to avoid marriage and still feels guilty/horrible about it. His best friend now: The guilt that cripples and surrounds him concerning girl#2 -- his girlfriend is two-fold. Clearly girl#2 was a mess. She had many emotional issues that were ignored or made light of and she eventually committed suicide. He feels guilty because he did not help her, or maybe did not see her problems or concerns as so terrible. He wished that he had "saved" or "fixed" (a la Coldplay) her. He was useless. What also bugs him is that although he took a week off to mourn/forget her,in all that time he could no bring himself to cry to express grief. He spent that time angry at her -- resentful, instead. Sometimes I think it is not that he took a week off to mourn her, but that he took some time off their relationship -- sorta broke up with her and that drove the messed up girl to kill herself. Either way his guilt stms from not helping her and from being more angry at her for commiting suicide than sorry she was gone at the time.

Yes, they were both young and immature at the time of these events but the events still haunt them and the residual guilt and fear of messing up again affects their ability to have lasting,loving, deeply satisfying and highly connected relationships. These are their demons and they never really or deeply talk about how these events still hurt them, though they suspect they are each suffering because of how they treated these past girlfriends. Maybe even when they do talk about the girls, they use the same blame shifting language they did when they were "freshmen". They blame the girls: "Why did she make me want her? Why did she make me fall for her? Why is she still ruining my life?! It's not my fault!"

Okay. Could be the same girl. The guy#1 -- the guy singing don't seem to have been so into the girl he convinced to have an abortion. Still, why he was afraid he's have to marry her doesn't gel unless of some devout beliefs or familial pressure. And since she rarely took advice but gave in to an abortion, she could be the same messed up girl who commited suicide. She didn't handle guilt well -- emotionally frail. Why? Her guy, guy #2 said they should spend time apart (and see other people? he-he) and so she hooked up with guy #1 during the vacation? Nahhh. It takes longer than that to know/think you are pregnant. And guy#1 does not seem guilty over sleeping ith his best friend's girl. The separate girls make sense.

Interesting | Reviewer: Mags | 6/28/08

I believe this song is about how stupid, naive and ignorant we all can be when we are young ... the guy got his girlfriend pregnant and asked her to get an abortion so he wouldn't have to marry her ... he felt it wasn't his fault (like most teenager boys) cuz she was acting sexy and she fell in love with ... in her guilt of the situation she killed herself and now he feels guilty ... and the effects of the whole thing is now affecting his adult life and can't keep a relationship ...

But it's interesting cuz i have a friend who believes it's about date rape ... it has always amazed that 2 people can listen to the same song and get two totally different meanings ... very interesting ... the power of the written word ...

always been a favorite | Reviewer: mink09 | 6/23/08

I remember when I was about 8 and I heard this song for the first time and I absolutley loved it. And here I am 10 years later I listen to it just about everyday and think about what it means to me, and everytime I find a new hidden meaning to it. This is a truly beautiful song.

such a special song | Reviewer: simbella | 5/30/08

I have loved this song for many moons since I heard it first around 98, 99. It's good to hear from the band about what the song really means, and it's interesting to hear other's interpretations, prior to reading this I thought there there was a girl who they both loved and lost. Having also lost someone near and dear to me to suicide, I think this song struck a chord with me I didn't fully understand until now. Thanks for such a special song. Keep up the awesome work.

The true meaning behind the song | Reviewer: Matt | 5/27/08

Before they made it big, they were "freshmen" in the music industry; they had an adoring groupie who slept with band members. she became emotionally attached to a band member, wanted a more serious relationship. the guy told her basically he wasn't interested in anything more than a "friendly" relationship. she became depressed, and killed herself. the song has nothing to do with being pregnant, or abortions.

From the band themselves... | Reviewer: msk | 5/27/08

Before they made it big, i.e., "freshmen" in the music industry, they had a groupie who slept with band members, lead them on thinking that she was important to them. she became attached to a band member, wanted a more serious relationship, the guy told her basically he wasn't interested in anything more than a "friendly" relationship. she became depressed, and killed herself. the song has nothing to do with being pregnant, or abortions.

Wow. | Reviewer: kittyandSALM | 4/17/08

This song is an apology.

It is about two male friends. #1 is dating a girl, and they are going to get married, but then she sleeps with guy #2 and breaks up with guy #1 without telling guy #1 about guy #2. She kills herself when he goes "on vacation," and he leaves because he suspects something. So, because she is dead, they are guilty for different reasons. #1 because he left her, and even if she did him wrong he still cared about her, and #2 because he knows what he did and the real reason she killed herself was because she majorly betrayed #1. #2 never actually confesses what he did, and this song is the apology.

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