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Performed by The Verve Pipe

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I lost my friend | Reviewer: Hannah | 11/23/11

Last December, a friend of mine was drunk and got killed on the highway, during the video yearbook last year, they played this song to his dedication with pictures and videos, I forgot how much I loved this song. I miss him so much </3

The Freshmen by The Verve Pipe | Reviewer: Dan | 10/28/11

This is a beautiful, poignant song about loss and regret. Loss is a pain that can age and ferment, turning into a bitter wine when we think of all that could have been, and how we could have done something different to prevent it. Regret is loss with the perspective of time. It does not mellow.

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/11

Coming from a kid who just began his freshman year, this is am amazing. All around me I see girls getting pregnant and dads who don't care. Its a depressing fact about our world that too many people overlook, and I thank the Verve Pipe for making this amazing song with an amazingly touching message.

I know the feeling... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/11

Last year was my freshman year and my best friend got pregnant and the dad didnt even care though he claimed to love her... he said that they should give the baby up but she refused. He blaimed her for everything, called himself the victem,pulled the "im too young for this" card and moved away. Now she has the baby and she is happy though little Liam will never get to see his dad. And i think if the dad were to hear this song he might rethink everything and remember that even though we are just freshman he still can make mistakes that will bother him the rest of his life. He will look back and regret leaving her and his baby boy, i just know it.

Spread The Message :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/11

This song speaks to so bad some refuse to listen. My Grandfather has gone to the abortion mill every Sunday for as long as I can remember (16 yrs) to talk one or two mother out of it but still every day over 16 women and girls "stop a baby's breath". Its so tragic.We all read about the genocide inflicted during the Nazi Holocaust and how the people living in the villages next to the death camps said nothing simply because it was the easiest thing to do. There is a second genocide going on and this time the force of it is fully directed at the completely innocent. I'm glad that Brian Ark had the guts and thought to wright about the negatives of making the "problem" (a child) just disappear.Like portrayed in the song, in the end it helps no one.I hope all who listen to this song can spread the message.

performed live today! | Reviewer: Veneficus | 4/16/11

i just got back from one of The Verve Pipe's concerts. i was very impressed with them but this song in particular is my favorite. i've heard it on the radio for quite a few years now, but it really means a lot to me every time i listen to it. from what the singer has said, the part about the baby being aborted is real, but the girl's suicide is not. and no this is not a wallflowers song, i don't know how that mistake was made. to me this song represents the fragility of our youth and yet the strength of it as well. there is pain and regret and sorrow all wrapped up in it. the open denial of the truth, during the chorus is really amazing. a really powerful song! great to see(and hear!)them still performing it... :)

Estimado Dave, | Reviewer: Alejandra | 3/8/11

Take it easy, Dave. I put "for the life of me lyrics" in google and the first thing that popped up was Freshman by The Verve Pipe. For The Life Of Me by The Wallflowers was third on the list, and when I clicked on the link the lyrics for that song are completely different from Freshman. Take that as you will.

WTF | Reviewer: Dave | 2/24/11

This web site should be ashamed of it's self, and all who responded should be embarassed. This song is from The Wallflowers first album 1992 the title is "For The Life of Me" It was written by Jacob Dylan.

The freshmen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/11

You do realize this song is based of his life experience right? His girlfriend got pregnant with his baby and before he could get an input on the situation she got a abortion and she killed herself...

Lol | Reviewer: Jo | 9/8/10

I'm from New Zealand and I love this song. I'd just like to say we're not called freshmen here. But when we're in year 9, which is about 14 years old, we're called turds. And after that, year 10, we're stale turds :D that's me. :D. I love this song <3.

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