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Performed by The Verve Pipe

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Beautiful wedding song | Reviewer: Shawn | 11/30/13

Rockstar, the movie, introduced me to this song and I've been playing it ever since on my acoustic. If I weren't already married, I'd be using this as my wedding song. Love the words. Love the vocals. Love the music. This song so deserves to be more popular. It still blows me away.

Great song! | Reviewer: Maggy | 10/6/12

I actually had heard it long time ago when I watched Rock Star and fell in love right away. Until recently I got the chance to listen to it again, and just totally love it. So simple but beautiful song. Great work.

So so so great! | Reviewer: Emelie | 4/24/12

This song is so clean and simple, yet so fantastic! It should definitely be more popular! It's too bad so many people only associates it with the movie "Rockstar", which by the way is an awesome movie, but since it's so great on it's own, I wish it would have made it all the way by itself. It's uncertain if it ever will reach the greatness that it deserves. Anyway, love this tune and will never get tired of listening to it, it's one of those rare tracks you can replay over and over, without it losing it's greatness.

life is colourful so is the song | Reviewer: Puskal` | 9/19/11

This song i have been searching for a long time since i heart it in Shawn Miachels fare well .And finally in the movie rockstar...i am gonna sing this song in evey event i can....coz i know i can be colourful...and you will love me either way

COLORFUL | Reviewer: Jamie Scott | 4/4/11

I had to go on a lil adventure searching for this song "COLORFUL" dropped me to my knees - when I heard it...& as I too can relate to every word ...but.. please, forgive me for not knowing who is on vocals here ..cuz.. I just have to say ...I love your voice-it's amazing & like to hear more of it - that's for sure !!!

Awesome track. | Reviewer: Fire | 3/25/10

Great song. Well written in all aspects. I'll certainly be covering this one acoustically as soon as I remember all of the lyrics. I also heard this for the first time on Rock Star. Probably my favorite movie of all time. Everyone should check it out.

back and white | Reviewer: ethan | 1/30/10

I know I can be colorful
I know I can be gray
But I know this loser's living fortunate
Cause I know you will love me either way...very ironic... everyday i play this song since high school until now...

Just a great song | Reviewer: RickyB | 10/16/09

Never knew anything by The Verve Pipe but loved this song at the end of Rock Star. Finally looked it up on the Internet last week and have since bought two Verve Pipe CDs. Awesome, song; awesome band.

background vocals | Reviewer: trussardi | 12/16/07

i think that the response to "i know i'cant be colorful" is " we believe in black and white" and the response to the second part is "our colours fade away"
it's an amazing song...i loved it!!!!!!

Best described as simple and amazing! | Reviewer: Wesley-Anne Rodrigues | 11/5/07

this song fits in perfectly with me and my boyfriend - he's a rockstar and every time he sings it to me,every line seems like it was written for us! brilliant lyrics,brilliant execution...
heard it in the movie Rockstar the first time...
Brian Vander Ark - lyrical genius on this one!

thanx 2 joe & rock angel | Reviewer: brian | 9/18/07

one minor correction, add the word "when" at the first. When we live in black and white.----Our colors fade away. Thank you joe and rock angel! I can now stop banging my head against the wall.

Awesome | Reviewer: RockAngel | 4/18/07

This song is so beautiful. I head it first on Rockstar the movie, then found Verve Pipe version. More people should be turned on to it

Background on "I know I can be gray" is something like "Our colors fade away" best guess unless someone knows different

Background Vocals | Reviewer: Joe | 3/14/07

Does anyone know the words to the "response" background vocal during the last chorus?

I know the first part is "We live in black and white" (in response to "I know I can be colorful")

I'm looking for the response to "I know I can be gray"

Thanks in advance!

RockStar | Reviewer: karapakz | 2/17/07

also this song is playing at The RockStar Movie. This's fucking great song!!!

hey Stevie, do you have a cover-demo for this song?

This f***ing Roxx | Reviewer: stevie West | 2/12/07

I love this song. Me and my buddy nickey plays this song every time. It fits my vocie perfectly.

Kizzez an hugz:P Stevie an nickey

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