this song leaves ME speechless :) | Reviewer: soccerpt1 | 2/27/10

every1 has a story- about how this song represents a guy in their life; i guess i dont. i have some feelings 4 some1 but has nothing 2 do w/ this song. but i <3 the veronicas, and this song. its beautiful; and wen i find the perfect guy one day; i will b sure 2 play this @ my wedding :)

you guys are soo sweet! | Reviewer: Lisa Veronica | 10/18/09

thank you for the nice comments guys this song is close to my heart and is one of my favourite songs from our first record so thank you for the comments sweets.keep supporting us you are what make us keep going

Perfect | Reviewer: drakesangyl | 12/27/07

I don't remember when I discovered the Veronicas. It was either on Disney or Nickolodeon that both of my children watch. I heard one of their songs and fell in love. Needless to say Speechless was my husband and I's first song at our wedding

heartbreaking love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/07

Heavily Broken totally represents my fallen relationship of 10 years and Speechless represents my new love intrest i ran accross these girls on youtube listening to music and i could not believe how these two songs opened my eyes. i cant wait to here any new love song from them.

Really sweet | Reviewer: coco | 7/20/07

i feel so much for this song. it greatly represents my feelings for my friend yet he doesnt even no
his hugs disarm me and his touch is so amazing yet he has no idea .... i have no control over his feelings but he is my guitarist and we are performing this song for my music exam .. i hope he gets the picture .. im loving these lyrics ..

the veronicas 4 ever | Reviewer: jess | 7/1/07

i have loved the veronicas since they were 19 and yer i have 6 times and there just the best im even on there top 12 for myspace speechless is a song how it reminds you of some1 very special

add me if u lov da ronnies-

OMG!!! | Reviewer: helin | 6/8/07

i found this song at my fren blog=) THIS SO WAS JUST TOO AMAZING AND TOO AWSOME!! WOOO JIAYOU =DDD

Sensational | Reviewer: steve | 3/7/07

My girlfriend dedicated this song 2 me. She says everything about it is about us. I love her so and realise that the song really does describe her feelings 4 me. I love the song

AMAZING | Reviewer: Aminatka | 2/12/07

I don't like their songs ,but this song is just...amazing!!!

love em | Reviewer: | 8/3/06

I &hearts; the veronicas ... they're best people out now....!!!!!!!