you guys are amazing i think that you are the best singers today and always | Reviewer: Oscar | 9/27/10

hey there i think ur the coolest girls that ive ever know on music ill hope that when i become a musician we would become the 3 best singers in all the world because you girls would be the first ones i would choose to sing with!!! love and peace:);)

The Veronicas are the coolest | Reviewer: Anon | 9/14/10

The Veronicas are the best they have amazing voices and have a really cool and unique fashion style. I hope they have another CD coming our way cos that would be really cool for all their fans including me!!

really fan of veronicas Love them! | Reviewer: Lolita | 6/2/10

I totally love the veronicas Love them so much! love all her songs! but the only thing that dissapoint me is that they try to pretend that they are from england and that's a totally lie! they try to sound british but they just make herselfs look ridicolous! avery body know they are not form england! that's relly funny lol! well whatever! never mind! they are the best singer twins i love them and admire them very much! love her songs! and i really hope that they don't care just about the money or the fame i hope they care about their music and the satisfaction of give people that prensent not only the fame and the money that doesn't even care if your music it's a trash! Love them so much! will love them forever(: 'cause they are the best!

u guys are kool | Reviewer: bex | 3/15/10

heey im rebecca and im like a huge veronicas fan and sooo is my 4 year old sis and everytime ya songs cum on she starts sinin and wont stop anyway yu guys are like soooooooo awsome i wanted to go to ya concert in adelaide like i told my mum and dad all i wanted for my early bday present was a ticket and my mum tried getting me 1 but they all sold out and my friend had a spare ticket and told me that i can hav the ticket and cum with her to the concert and had everything ready to go but at the last minute she rang me up and said that she had another friend going and i told her it was fine and after i hung up the fone i just balled my eyes out and i didnt talk to her for like a whole month and yer ummmm anyway yu guys are like my idol and yu rock i hope to hear another song from yas kk kool .... bye lol

wanted to know | Reviewer: rachael | 1/2/10

I always thought that jessica and lisa were from a little place near ingham called mutane. Growing up they were known as the gottani sisters and use to sing and play child size guitar's in inghams local talent parades.

When ever u Girls r in Ireland (Northern Ireland or Rep.of Ireland, it's seriously MEST UP) | Reviewer: Donal | 11/11/09

I'm from a town Called Belfast, it's rufly da same size as ur town. Im serously pissed off that ive never seen u girls live b4 but dats only because uv never came to the UK and Ireland b4. Like to see us here.
P.S: Advertise da ---- out of the place custrust me I'll get the audience peace out Donal C

Biggest Fan !! | Reviewer: Amber | 7/30/09

I L.O.V.E YOUR music and your dance move's I have been to a lot of your concertes!! And enjoyed everyone of them you have inspiered me with your music. I love how you girls stay together through everthing in your lifetime...!!! I am just lisening to your music like always... It helps me get through a lot in my lifetime and when I have friend problems, I remeber that song of yours and it helps me get through it all!!
Love your BIGGEST fan ever,

luv ya'll | Reviewer: miley | 7/4/09

i am a twin too but me and my twin are not identical and we are from liverpool and i so so so lyour music i lve untouched you tw were on the suite life of zack and cody goes hollywood i love yor style and everything bye bye oxox

I love ya'll <33 | Reviewer: Rita Heinrich | 5/1/09

I like song's <3
Just like "untouched"
your so good ! I like that voices <3

- hmm ok, I'm coming from greenland. My name is Rita-Maria. Paneeraq. Heinrich. I am 16 years old. And I like singing. I love every song's from U.S.A New york .. blaa, I love music's :D <3
if you take that, so I wich you can answep me to my e-mail ->

I love ya'll <33

best of the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/09

you twing girls are too good to be true ilike your songs so much all of them are great

and who gives a shit about the kiss it's all their life and we fans care about their songs that reeeally rock the whole world their songs aren't somthing from this world trust me guys

keep up the great work