the veronicas | Reviewer: ijah | 4/16/07

i love the veronicas i hope can meet she

They're the BEST | Reviewer: Woxy | 8/16/06

A while ago, I had TMF turned on but I wasn't watching.. Then their song 4ever began... Normally, I never like a song the first time I here it, but now, I instantly started watching and listening... I was like: That song's just perfect! I instantly turned on the computer after it was over to see who they were! Now I'm a VERY big fan, and I'd really do everything to see them in real. I have ALL of their songs on my pc, and most of them more than once in different versions. I always feel so good when I listen to their songs (and that's what I do the whole day!). And it's not only the music, they look very very very good too! :)

I complain that the "little better" (and much less sexy) Avril isn't currently active... | Reviewer: egr | 7/13/06

Sorry. These my-same-age old twins are hot (although they seem to be Michelle Branch's clones), but their music makes me feeling sick.

Veronicas Project | Reviewer: Amanda | 6/12/06

I was told to do a project from my music teache ron a singer or band. I chose the Veronicas because they are Australian and they are identical twins. They doesn't even fill in most of it, I mostly chose them because they are one of my fav singers and I think it shows all the teens out there that you don't need to be scared to sing. Ok i realy wanted to say that i found all the basic facts like birthday, D.O.B ect, i just need more information it's not realy good. I need a web site that i can find all the tiniest details and stuff so plz help me out! Anyway thanks ♥ YA !
From: Amanda A.K.A mandy-moo (age 12, aust)

The Veronicas ROCK MY SOX!!! | Reviewer: Grettchen Powell | 2/8/06

OMGosh! the first time i heard their song 4evr, i knew i LOVED their music! i always tried to watch their music video on MTV or Vh1 or even TRL and finally when i did listen to it i was dancing and singing everywhere...........! and then i found them on MYSPACE!!! and then today they posted a bulliten saying they made a music video for Everything I'm Not!!!!! i was so siked! i watched it and loved it! and now i have Everything I'm Not song on my myspace! i love their music and i'm really excited to get their CD on Feb.14 a.k.a. Valentine's Day!!!!! w00t w00t!!
love the music! can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they rock | Reviewer: cass | 11/5/05

i love there song FOREVER me and friends sit in class and sing there song and listen to it on friends mp3 players all the time IT ROX. whenever i hear it on the radio i turn it up and put my ears on the speakers and sing it. it should be nomba 1 on the charts, because gold digger by p.diddy sux but forever by the veronicas rox!!!!