you guys are really great your one of my new fav bands | Reviewer: andrew | 3/23/09

heyy i just wanted to say that i think u guys are really great u both have amazing! voices and great lyrics your very talented and very pretty too keep up the great work hope u come to little old regina one day i think thated be awesome lots of ppl would come i even got my friends into u guys i think my fav songs would have to be revenge is sweeter then u ever were and 4ever u have alot of potential and tallent keep up the great work hope to see u in concert one day.

ps.and as for that johney guy he definately needs a reality chec hes just a tad creepy!! lol

big fan-

you guys are the best! | Reviewer: Brianda!!! ;D | 1/28/09

oh mai gawd!!! i love you guys so much! "untouched" is my favorite! ((because i do feel so untouched! i miss how kyle used to always hold me and never let me go!! T-T)) anywho, you girls are soooo amazing! please come to San Antonio, Texas! my friends and i would totally go to y'alls concert!!! we all love you down here!! i hope i get to meet you girls some day ;D

heyy | Reviewer: jackie | 1/27/09

i love you alot your my favorite band in the hold world. i listen to about like everyday sence i heard about you i wanna come and see you in concet some time this summer.
Your really great. i mean it to.

heey! big fan! | Reviewer: eitak cam | 11/11/08

I love the veronicas! I think that their music is AMAZING! The sound rocks and the lyrics are especially cool:) I also think that the music is insperational! my personal favourites are Untouched and Everything I'm Not! Just wanted to say, keep up the amazing music! I LOVE IT!
--eitak cam:)

LESBIANS? | Reviewer: Alex | 10/4/08

WHO GIVES A SHIT! It's their choice. I bet its not even true. Forget the whole ''lesbian'' scene and just like them for them and their songs. Be proud that they're AUSTRALIAN! I mean how many Australians make it to the big time??? NOT MANY! The Veronicas are the new AUSTRALIAN Olsen Twins... Do all yourselves a favour, stop looking too far into it... they can do what they want... I LOVE YOU VERONICAS!!! ((&&& im a guy =O)) I realy like your songs and so do most of my friends... Take Me On The Floor sparked most controversy about the ''lesbian kiss'' but dont worry... keep doing what you are doing... YOU ARE GREAT! (x2) Keep Rocking \../

why are they cool | Reviewer: renee | 5/9/08

they are cool singing and talented celebrities that are my one and only idol. nobody is as goood sa the veronicas. i,ve been to one of there concert it was tha best dam thang i have ever been to yall

hello and how great you two girls are | Reviewer: Teri bernes | 3/4/08

well to start with i think you girls rock i love your song hook me up, wen it all fall apart, and untouched i listen to them all the time at home even my mum who doesnt really like you loves untouched

the biggest veronicas fan there ever was | Reviewer: Rocket Gurl | 2/2/08

when i was in ottawa on i discovered the veronicas. and ever since the i have had all of there really good material on an mp3 disk or mp3 player.

i really love the way they rock out, and they are in so many gendre's. someday i want to rock out wit them.

i love the veronicas | Reviewer: johnny | 12/21/07

i am such a huge fan i have 61 of their posters in my room and all of the clothes that i know of that have been bought out. iv'e been to all of their concerts and have fallen in love with the both of them and know everything about them. i would smuther them in poo and lick it off if i could.

biggest fan | Reviewer: angelica | 12/1/07

OMG i am their biggestfan my room has over 50 posters of them i have printed pictures and coverd my room with them and iv bought heaps of the clothes theyv made and i went to their concert and i was rite at the front and jess waved to me and gave me a hi five at the evd and lise blew me a kiss and waved to me i nearly faited