idiots | Reviewer: amanda | 12/6/12

quit acting like you know what the song is about. just because it mentioned lolita doesnt mean its about teenage sex. in their interview about the video they clearly stated the song is about love and all the things that can come from love. so maybe you should've been take out the back and shot a long time ago.. idiotic moron.

This is crap! | Reviewer: charli | 9/7/12

I cannot believe that the Veronicas are actually singing about 'Lolita' and making it sound like she had an enjoyable life!! Lolita was a victim of rape at the age of 12! stop singing crappy songs and thinking your so cool with your movie references. You obviously haven't understood the meaning of them. Oh, also, Katy Perry has already used Lolita as inspiration, so try and be original next time.

Disgustipated... | Reviewer: Kyle (a disgusted metalhead who heard this on the radio) | 8/5/12

This song is why you end up with pregnant teenage girls... Make the idea of statutory rape appealing to young girls, and they'll go for it... They're practically retarted... Shame on the veronicas.... Anyone who doesn't understand the soure of my disgust need only find out what "lolita" means... The veronicas should have been taken out the back and shot a long time ago...