I love this song | Reviewer: jonnyboy | 1/14/11

It's got the perfect line - come with me tonight, we can make the night last 4ever. I dream of my girl singing this line to me - and she does.
Jesse and Lisa sing so sexy together and sing so well together. All the R&B groups should listen to this to see how people sing TOGETHER. It's a great song. Great beat. Great words great singing.

Commentary | Reviewer: emerald | 12/3/09

I don't think this song is particularly generic, sure the lyrics may be quite similar as many other songs within a genre, but isn't that why they are grouped like that. They all pertain to the same subject. The Veronics are a bit different seeing as they can actually sing at the same standard as their album. It's a personal preferance.

amazing song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/09

i love this song. i hadnt heard of the veronicas but my friend got me into untouched and now im totally hooked on this one , i personally think its better . i love the veronicas and their songs. amazing .

Love this song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/09

O loveee this song i can totally relate to it!! cos i have a bf but im kinda going crazyy for this other guy that has a gf too but we have this thing goin on,, :s i know that sounds really bad but..
i cant help it!! x

this is what i want to do for the rest of my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/08

this song showed me that this is possible for me. i want to be a singer and show people my music, and how i can inspire girls, like they inspired me. thanks the veronicas.

interesting | Reviewer: tas | 1/10/08

lol you're kinda right about the lyrics skeptical.. And the other reviews.. Golly! :O guess some people get too emotional about some lyrics.. But i liked the beat of the song.. Didn't really pay attention to the lyrics. Some people just need to let go.:)

This song is actually really bad | Reviewer: skeptical | 12/31/07

I find this song really, really bad, and I actually have reasons. My god this is a waste of time...

1. Completely generic - listen to any song by similar artists, and they'll have the same voice, same background, same beat, everything.

2. Lyrics. What the Hell. - as far as I see, this song is about a girl trying to get into a guy's pants, despite the fact that he's involved with someone else. How romantic.

So basically, I don't understand why every 16-year old girl is so in love with this song (that's a generic term for anyone who types like this: LIKE OMG WOW SRSLY THIS IS ME AND BF SONG <3 YOU.)

I read the comments, and I actually had to reread some of them because they were so illegible.

WOW! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/07

Oh my god I love this song!! I got hooked on it!
It really tells that you need to live your life to the fullest. If you're single or dating, you just need to scream out loud and live!!!!

OMGGGGGGGGGG | Reviewer: J&K4ever | 12/14/07

this song is abouT ME!! me and my bf omg this song is perfect for me like wow omg srsly, this is likey the stories of my life. like wow omg oh my gosh sreiously meow i cant even tell u, this is like
me and my bf. well hes neot really my bf but i like him and he lthinks im ick ybut we do it all the time newayz n he like eswen i s his d but lol i duno i relly luv him...no...LOVE. cmon baby we rnt gonna live 4ever, so...lets do it erry nite.

??wow alot to say??? | Reviewer: j-wilson | 11/7/07

thiz song is amazing!!!!!! the lyrics are way to perfect!!! it reminds me of the situation that im currently in! when something feels right go for it!!! i also love the song everything im not!!! its my fav thanks grls!!! u rock!!!!