OMGOSH | Reviewer: [[liss[ehh_xx. [Usedie Kidd] | 9/21/2007

ah yeah,
this song is pharking rad (Y)
and yes, i pharking love it (L)
it is my favourite song off the new album ^.^
OMGOSH i cant wait untill i see them
taste of chaos.. yayayayayay

thee most awthum song XP | Reviewer: korry | 9/4/2007

This song is really dark,thats why i like it.Bert is the best vocalist ever born!If you dont like this song,ur a prep...jk XD...well maybe im not kidding!XD This song is awthum and thats all i can say,bye.

kickass song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/2007

this song is one of their best ones ever. My favorite song and most of my friends like it too.WAKE THE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

i love it!! | Reviewer: Casandra | 7/8/2007

i love this song...but they wrote it wrong...= / hmm...this is one of there best on the new cd...:DDDDDDDDD i love the USED!!!!!!!!!!!

Wake The Dead | Reviewer: bellemore | 6/17/2007

Oh, this is definitely one of the few songs that have followed me in my dreams. Bert does a great job as a vocalist, and the lyrics suit both him and the music. Yep, The Used get better and better everyday.

wake the dead | Reviewer: van_tango | 6/3/2007

i love this song. its mostly heavier than most of their songs but goes all prog rock in the middle (a bit of a shout out to queen in mcr style). Bert is such an amazing vocalist