absolutly amazinggg | Reviewer: erinn | 5/9/07

this song, no, this whole album by the used is absolutly amazing.. ive heard most of it but not all...after a three year break these guys reallllyyyy did an amazing job at coming back.

kudos to you <33333333333333

blah blah | Reviewer: me | 5/7/07

why is everyone saying it sounds like from first to last, or influenced by them. it sounds nothing like them. ive been listenin to them for about a year and i have all there albums and i even ordered the compilations that have there songs on them, and the used new song is amazing but sounds nothing like fftl

Ahh! Amazing! <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/07

Do you realize how beautiful this song sounds? Creepy, I know. I'm supposed to say that it's "cool", or it's "scary". But I find it to be a beautiful song, and it's really good for a band stepping out of their comfort zone. I've always loved The Used, and I love every song they've made. I'm really glad this song became a single. It's fantastic.
Oh, and I agree: they ARE Gods. I worship them, practically.
Warped Tour 2007! I get to see them! June 28th! Wh00t!


Amazing | Reviewer: Nightmare | 5/3/07

The Used.
Amazing the lyrics are truly awsome! they most deffitntly havent lost there touch. the songs awsomeness is a bit different but i still love it!
the video was VARY interseting i love every last second..one of my New FavoriteS!

HOLLY SHITZ | Reviewer: Hot Emo | 5/3/07

This is my fave. song now. the first time i heard it I freaked!!!

how awesomee is this xDD | Reviewer: www.myspace.com/i_kill_for_kicks | 5/2/07

when i heard this i was like WOW
this is like thee bestest song ever tbh!!!
i love the spookiness too it
i think this will be the useds big break tbh =]

Style is kinda generic | Reviewer: MetalStve | 5/1/07

There style has changed abit with influences of from first to last the vocals sound like the latest plagues lyrics as well as its vocal tones other wise the song is great i've been awaiting what these guys have been making havent heard of them for abit.

<3 | Reviewer: raginregina | 5/4/07

i love love love this song! its great and it kinda reminds me of a tim burten movie or something... al dramatic and theatrical sounding in the background but still has meaningful lyrics!!

Berts voice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/07

I love how Bert has like 3 vocies his screaming voice his vocie back then along with his screaming like in "Found a box full of sharp objects" And in this song It just feels like your in it when you listen to it you cant help but picture it
btw i know as years pass peoples vocie change and also better mircophones for them now and sound

wow... | Reviewer: kiara | 4/28/07

yes! finally a new album i can't wait till lies for liars comes out. Hadsome awkward is realy good as well... grrr pitty their concert in melbourne sold out so fast :( but there's always the taste of chaos!

awesome | Reviewer: mands | 4/19/07

gods, thats what the used are. gods. this is my favorite song... ever.

Incredible!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/07

My favourite song by The used. So original and new for them. Just incredible.

Incredible!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/07

My favourite song by The used. So original and new for them. Just incredible.

The Bird and The Worm-G-reat Song!!! | Reviewer: so.and.so | 4/12/07

i heard this song the other nite on the radio, and i loved it...i love how the band is stepping out of there comfort zone to make some rad songs...i applaud the used...keep on rocking out to this g-reat song!! i<333333333 THE USED!!!

;D | Reviewer: Teaset | 3/27/07

I've loved this song since the first time I heard it. The violin in the beginning and the door creaking open was awesome haha.