bird and the worm-mixed meanings!! | Reviewer: Allissa | 11/7/07

OK im confused about the meaning of this song, it seems like this dude is phycotic! but he isnt!!! i luv the song, very creepy, but AMAZING!!! anyone like the song Liar Liar by The Used? oh and if u kno the correct meaning of the song, plz email me!!!!!!!! if u want to help me that is!!!

hell yes..... | Reviewer: osiris | 10/22/07

i so think the lyrics represent exactly the feeling you get when you hear this song...... gotta love good punk....

suhweet | Reviewer: Lindsey | 10/8/07

the lyrics are great..pretty much perfect!! when i first heard this song i was like yeahh this is my new favorite song!!

About song "The bird And The Worm" By The Used | Reviewer: punk at heart | 9/9/07

Ok, the first time me and my friends listened to this we were totally creeped out, but, now its like, our favorite song, we cant listen to it enough, this song totally rocks, we love The Used's music

good song | Reviewer: i am from pakistan lol | 8/3/07

song was perfect
and it had some nice touches like violens and the "all alone" thing lol
song is catchy and it gets stuck in my head
its kinda creepy but i love it

<3 | Reviewer: amber | 7/26/07

this song sounds very halloween-ishbut i love it, regular people would be like "wtf is this" well they arnt punk like us, i love to see that other people love this kind of music!

Drummer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/07

This song is so awesome! I loved the music video and the violins were a nice touch. For normal people it would sound creepy but for the regular rockers it was very good. I hope they come out with more great songs like this. I love The Used!

Aww <3 | Reviewer: Chrissie - Leigh | 7/6/07

Fantastic! This song is pure genius! You listen to it and you cant help it but your heart skips a beat! lol (Y)


awesomness | Reviewer: emily | 7/2/07

the bird and the worm i'd have to say is one of my favorite The Used songs. i listen to it all the time. i even have the video on my myspace. It's a beautiful song with lots of meaning. I'm sure peopl could come up with a bunch of different opinions to what the meaning is. after hearing this song I did a special thing to remember it so i could hum it all the time. i safety pinned a little grey heart to the backpack I carry around all the time. well this song may sound 'creepy' but i dont think it is. i hope The Used comes up with more GREAT songs like this one.

<3333 Wow! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/07

The bird and the worm kinda seriously thrilled me its freakn fresh as hell for them and it works hardcore! <333 I can't wait for warped tour az is awsome! July 11th!!!

Bird and the worm | Reviewer: Jennifer | 6/24/07

This song is amesome the usic video is like your daily horror, but theres alot of wtf's in there like the couch

THE BIRD AND THE WORM | Reviewer: shazzon! | 6/24/07

OMG this song is like so amazing i just love the way he cracks his voice nad the lyrics are just so amazing i can't say how good they are

Taste of chaos 23rd November -- here i come --ill see ya there The used !!o yeah xx

The Bird and the Worm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/07

Yeah this is definately an awesome song, I do think however that they sound better and more comfortable doing this kind of music as opposed to their balladry. I think Bert is a much better screamer than singer but he still mixes them up pretty good. The rest of the cd was overall average

Violins? | Reviewer: ??? | 6/18/07

Rhis song is great and creepy. I really like it. I love it when the violons are played during the verses, they make a really creepy sound. The music video for this song is just awsome!

Errrr | Reviewer: Poop pee poop pee | 6/16/07

This song lyrically, or structurally sounds or feels nothing like fftl.
These lyrics are also missing some back up vox.
I wish Bert wouldnt of dyed his hair,
he looks like Jesus :/

Lyrics are beautiful,
music video is greatly done.