:D | Reviewer: I was bored, so I wrote a review. | 4/6/12

To that dude that said drugs: wrong. Drugs take over, and usually you don't want to get away from them until you absolutely have to. I think he wants to get away from the accusing stares, the gossipy whispers, the preppy chicks and muscular jocks who only judge.

In my opinion, he's like Angel from Angel Beats! He sits by himself, and everyone seems to think of him as the bad guy. He doesn't do what everyone else does - like Angel eating the spicy lunch that no-one else will eat. He desperately wants to fit in, but wants to get away from fitting in. Conflicting emotions, y'know?

Werewolf | Reviewer: Walleed | 3/23/11

His a worm and his all alone and broken inside! All that he have is himself he feels like a stone coz his dead inside and the pple around him are the birds. He can't escape from whats going around him and wherever he goes ppl rejects him and hurts him, now his afraid of the truth that his the rejected one but he refuse to accept that, he know he got to let his pain go to stay alive if he doesnt he will kill himself c0z the pain is too much and cant take it anym0re that's why he got to let it go!

Eddie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/09

I don't know if anyone will actually read this post, but this song is so good, it's the next song I'm using for a new RSMV. It came out over 2 years ago, but even so, I want to make a video of this song. Hopefully no one will have done this song yet; and I have the honour of doing it first. It'll be on sooner or later.

The used | Reviewer: Lauren | 10/9/09

Well 'he wears his heart safey pinned to his backpack' from what i know, emo's have this 'trend' to have hearts safety pinned. I rate that this song is about him being depro. He's all alone and has no one there for him. He's scared of his feelings so he doesnt want to know what they are. Maybe knowing his feelings may be the only reason that will save him. 'crawls like a worm from a bird' hes the worm and his feelings are they bird, he's running away scared to be eaten alive by his deppression

my opinion | Reviewer: raindrop | 9/21/09

my opinion is that he might be i dont know, skitsophrenick*( idk if its spelled right ) and hes seeking help but nobody reaches out to him. i believe the *bird* is his daunting thoughts and the *worm* is himself. *all alone he turns to stone* is like his thoughts scare him and that nobody can move them. *terrified of whats inside* is obviously his thoughts. *all he knows if he cant relieve it it grows* is the more he ignores it the scarier and realistic it becomes. hope this helped =D

what he whispers | Reviewer: bleuforest@gmail.com | 6/29/09

I just got an awesome new pair of earphones and i can hear what they're saying in the whispered part of the song. i'm not sure if somebody else has put this already, but whatever. here it is:

just keep walking
just keep walking
don't tell me
(just a minute)
don't tell me
(i'm sorta scared)
it's okay
don't tell me please

...that's it. a bit of it overlaps but i did the best i could :)

a title for your review: | Reviewer: y do u care? | 6/21/09

i know so many people have opinions on this song after almost trying to read them all until i noticed how many pages there were... i started calling myself an idiot for reading so much. it was the most i ever read in a day lol.

i agree to most of your interpretations of him being rejected, i also agree that this could be about drugs. although i don't believe you actually heard him say it.

i think almost everyone is right because in the end of the video you can see someone helping him, which can help the opinion of it being love. i also agree it can be someone hurting him. i don't think it's his dad because that would sound like your absolutely sure it's someone hurting him. although it could be because that person can be the bird and him being the worm trying to get away but knows he can't. it could also be drugs as them being the bird and as trying to get away like being trying to give them up but knowing they will always be in his mind, devouring him on the inside. the staring part could be people looking at him mysteriously like something's wrong with him or thinking less of him like being a worm. it can be problems in school like a bully being a worm.

apparntly no one is sure what this song is talking about, they could know but not be sure. i hope this interpretation gives you the courage to write your opinion. i'm sure a lot of people may like it and think it's the right answer, if they don't, then don't act like it's the end of the world or anything.

a title for your review, continueation | Reviewer: y do u care? | 6/21/09

i'm not really sure how you spell continueation but you really can't call me an idiot for that, i'm only 10. anyway i stopped righting because i stuck my foot into my garbage with all my papers unknowingly and got a staple caught in my foot, forgive me but it REALLY F****** HURTS!!!

i think it may be about just trying to get away from one's life and just take a break. i'm sure almost everyone wants a break from always having to make decisoins in their lives. maybe the person just wants to be able to have time to think abgout things and not having to rush and make a decision as fast as they can. yea so keep up the guessing about the meaning of this song. oh and this is the best song i've ever heard!!! yep, i actually used an !. also i am addicted to w101 if you want to find me check wolf ravenblade or blake duskwraith.

theory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/09

ok i heard that the used didnt even write this song! =o oh emm gee i know right?!? i love this song and i love the way The Used sings but i heard that this song was written by a pilot from the war... not the iraqi war bt like world war two or something like that and i know the music video doesnt seem to show that but i mean like look at where it says "shot down by strangers whos glances can cripple" i mean if u look at it that way like a pilot being shot down or something it makes sence in a way but i also see where a lot of u guys are coming from but like someone else said earlier the way u feel has a lot to do with how u interperet a song

my interpretation | Reviewer: steven | 4/29/09

to me this song is about how people alway discriminate against stuff they dont understand
"He wears his heart safety pinned to his backpack
his back pack is all that he knows" that to me is the person in everyones life who is the one that is different from everyone else and so they pick on him and push him out of the crowd
"Shot down by strangers
Whose glances can cripple
The heart and devour the soul" this to me means that the people that put down the said individual pretty much devour what is left of him by continuously shunning him for being different then the rest of the crowd.
"All alone he turns to stone
While holding his breath half to death" this sentence to me is what he is feeling inside and does not give him a chance to express himself to anyone because he is shunned by every one or so he though so he makes a plan on how to attempt to complete SUICIDE.
"Terrified of what's inside
To save his life
He crawls like a worm from a bird" this means to me that the only why the said person could save his sanity is to try to rid the word of the supposed burden that he is and he starts to get ready to complete SUICIDE.

I know alot of people like this and i am one of them and I also know that there is always some one there to help that kinda individual!!!

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/09

i think its about a boy who's abused by his father
"He wears his heart safety pinned to his backpack
His backpack is all that he knows"

i think that's about how his backpack is from the part of his life that's at school where's he's not beat and he ties himself to that part of his life trying to ignore the rest of his life. i think the "Shot down by strangers
Whose glances can cripple The heart and devour the soul" part is about how people always stare at him with his bruises and frequently broken bones from the beating and how he feels like a freak because of it.

i think "All alone he turns to stone
While holding his breath half to death" is about how he's as quiet as he can when he's in his house, hoping not to draw his dads attention to himself, so he sits still hardly breathing scared to death of his dad beating him.

"Terrified of what's inside
To save his life
He crawls like a worm from a bird"
i think that means he's terrified of wat's inside (his dad in the house) and he frantically tries to elude his dad, to save his life, and so he crawls like a worm from a bird

"Out of his mind
The way pushes him whispering
Must have been out of his mind
Mid-day delusions
of pushing this out of his head
Maybe out of his mind
(Out of his mind)"
i think this part is about how during school he tries to concentrate and push the beating and pain out of his mind, tries to forget how his drunken dad pushes him foreward while whispering cruely in his ear, and although he tries to forget it he knows he cant, and that forgetting is just a delusion

and i think the "all alone" parts throughout the song are saying how his dad tells him that he's all alone and that nobody will help him that nobody cares, and about how he IS all alone because the kids are afraid to be friends with him because of all the bruises and how he's known as an outcast and a freak, and how the parents and teachers stay away because they're too scared to help him, so yeah thatz just wat i think

What it means to me | Reviewer: Kitty | 4/6/09

We all know that you can see something as just about anything. So all the different meanings of the song are right to that person. Usually the writter isn't even 100% sure on what exactly his/her lyrics mean. I know when I write I leave a lot to think about.

"He wears his heart safety pinned to his backpack,
his backpack is all that he knows."
To me means that he wears his heart on his sleave and follows his heart not really his mind.

"Shot down by strangers
whose glances can cripple
the heart and devour the soul."
People don't really like who he is or understand him. He tries to just be him and find what he's searching for but he's met with people that look down on him.

The chorus just makes me think further that he's searching for something, maybe love, and only met with a feeling of being alone. And maybe starting to think he isn't good enough.

"Out of his mind
The weight pushes him whispering
Must have been out of his mind.
Mid-day delusions
Of pushing this out of his head
maybe out of his mind."
Again, he's alone. He feels like he's losing his mind, like he's not normal. Like something's wrong with him. He feels he must have been out of his mind for thinking he could find what he was looking for. He's trying to push the pain out of his head, so he doesn't have to think about it now, out of his mind so he never has to think of it again.

"All he knows
If he can't relieve it it grows
And so it goes
He crawls like a worm
Crawls like a worm from a bird"
All he knows is his heart and the pain he's been made to feel. If he can't do something about the pain he's feeling it only grows more and more til he can't take it. So he crawls away, hiding from people so they can't hurt him or see that he's hurt.

Really, it could mean anything. That's just how I, personally, see it.

Interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/09

Nice interpretation everyone. Here's mine.
I think at the beginning when he sings "he wears his heart safety pinned to his back pack, his backpack is all that he knows" I think the backpack signifies his problems and faults. It says that his heart is safety pinned to it so I think that means his heart is only into trying to solve his problems.

Later on, when he sings "He crawls like a worm from a bird" again, it's talking about his problems. This time the bird being the problems and the worm being him.

<3 | Reviewer: brittle phenobarbidoll | 2/1/09

hey there's a few different interpretations in these comments, which is a good thing!

i'm just gonna throw mine out there....

i've always thought that the beginning, "he wear's his heart safety pinned to his backpack" means like..... he wears it somewhere everyone can see, and that his bag being all that he knows kind of meaning that he's always been out in plain view.

"He crawls like a worm from a bird" kind of made me think even more so, because if a bug is hiding under something the bird can't see it, thus, can't eat it.

but someone mentioned the band felt it was about a drug addiction while they wrote it, and i can kind of see that too. if i wrote why i'd take ages, so i'll just shut up now, yeah?

you guys dont know what you are talking about! | Reviewer: shelby | 1/13/09

this song is really amazing yes but it really isnt about not fitting in. if you watch the video or happen to know anything about burt *the lead singer* then you would plainly realize that it is about burt being on drugs...im not tryin to dis ya'll but that is what it is about...burt mcKracken even said so himself. so go check out the music video*AMAZING* and you will understand what i am talking about.

<3 shelby