‹33 | Reviewer: billy | 6/14/07

I love this song. The Used isn't a band I'm used to listen to but The Bird And The Worm really caught my interest in them. It's an amazing song, it sounds creepy but at the same time it's just beautiful. Love it it's awesome! <3

all alone he turns 2 stone!!!! | Reviewer: idk | 6/13/07

lol he sounds sick as shit when he says "all alone he turns 2 stone!!!" lol my gf hates it when i sing this song...it creeps her out......

i love this song | Reviewer: mike | 6/8/07

this is one of the best songs ive ever heard. ive listed to mcr from the beging of the 3 cheers cd but now ive converted to the used
best song ever

Awesome | Reviewer: Rogue | 6/6/07

my freind just copied me thier new cd and IT ROCKS! i worship this song, and i do agree that it is a VERY beautiful song i think it is my new favortie.

Good song by a pretty average band | Reviewer: David | 6/4/07

Don't get me wrong, I like the Used, but this is definitely their stand out song. The first two albums are all right, but spoilt by mediocrity in a majority of the tracks. From what I've heard of Lies for the Liars, The Bird and The Worm and Pretty Handsome Awkward are probably the only "hits" this albums gonna get.

the song | Reviewer: chris | 6/4/07

this song is 1 of the best that the used has came out with... its great!!!

my kinda stuff | Reviewer: Nate C | 6/4/07

i was betrayed, and i listened to this song on repeat, i didnt feel better at all, in fact, its making it worse

I believe it's love. :] | Reviewer: Peyton. xxxxxx | 6/4/07

This song is absolutely amazing.
I agree with Teaset.
The beginning was flawless.
Well actually, the whole song is!
Bert is a great singer/screamer.
Overall: The Used is the best band everrr.

How good is this song??!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/07

my fave song by far (except maybe lunacy phringe!!) vocals are amzing and the lyrics are officially goin on my wall!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

ok | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/07

kool i love the used 4 ever!! lol u guys rock andrews pants and seans shirt!!! u rock!!!!!and tony would love to be cheeseniped by you!!! love always me!!!

omg... | Reviewer: Brandon | 5/30/07

OMG!, this song is incredable, i think other bands should use this song as a guidline, it has the perfect recepi for a song: Lyrics with meaning, Original sound, pure raw emotion- you can really feel what they're trying to say, its just awsome song, i for one applaud the used in they're Trumendouse efforts at a great song, You Succeeded;)

AAAARRRRRHHHH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

Arhhh Its The Used. I love this song Im printing it now.arrhhhhhh. im a little bit hypo at the moment so yeah. ARHHHGHH RUN

Wrong word | Reviewer: AMber | 5/27/07

In the song it is believe not releive. Is that even a word. I do along with everyone else absolutely love this song. My three year old sings it along with me. My lil rocker.

OMG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/07

this is the best song in the world...all my friends hate the used...i dont know WAT their problem is. I LUV THE USED...creepy videos though, but very original. I LOVE YOU. SUPPORT THE USED

About the song The Bird And The Worm performed by The Used | Reviewer: Christian B. | 5/23/07

I am a loyal metal fan. The Used is my exception I've always enjoyed thier music. But shit this song is FUCKING awsome!