paulis_mcr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/07

when i started to listen take it awayy , I really enjoyy de bandd it's fuckingg goodd but whatt I really lovee is thee words of the musiics... It's so real and importantt cause it sayy all the truthh !

Review about Take It Away | Reviewer: aNdReA | 6/13/07

i am a nappo in a a canary cat crytal nappo
i am a nappo i rule the land
im andrea crystal cat i nap
yay omg omg im so great

haha | Reviewer: Renate | 6/3/07

It's funny when they perform this song these days..bert always says 'i lost al doubt in HAHA' now instead of 'i lost al doubt in a chemical romance'...

..bla bla..i talk too much

?? | Reviewer: oh ya | 5/10/07

i agree that their 2nd album was really popish but i think it was ok i like the 1st one way more though

Someone doesn't know the lyrics to this.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/07

They don't say "To me it looks so pretty burning!"
They say "Don't make it look so pretty burning!"

No Duh.
In the beginning of the song he says he hates light.
So why would it look pretty to him if he hates it?
He says "Don't make it look so pretty burning!" cause he is saying like,
the light isn't pretty so don't make it look pretty when it's not cause.. he hates it.
Ya know?
Well yeah someone got the lyrics wrong.

i agree with the teeny girl | Reviewer: whoa momma | 5/7/07

hey i agree with the girl that bitched out the teeny girl to many peeps r startin to like the used who dont even really like them if u wanna see y i like them look at the comments on let it bleed ander the name kelley

Read name | Reviewer: Good song, kinda bad lyrics | 4/17/07

Yeah, good catchy song, but it'
s about a typical apathetic emo, yu nknow, the weak ones that have to cut themselves to solve thier problems, the attention seekes, yeh, fuck them, but the SUed are wicked and original, their new single 'the bird and the worm' is okay, they've turned into a normal 4 chord band though. so yeah.

Who... | Reviewer: KATESHELLZZ | 2/26/07

Who doesn't like The Used. Oh & I hate little posers who know one ffing song byt The Used, which is most likely The Taste of Ink. Pissess meee off. #$%^&*ZzOMG The Used is my FA@vV band! YO STFU. I bet you don't even know the lyrics, better yet the members names. Hah, stupid emo girls.

Wat the hell | Reviewer: XxMCR.EMO.FANGIRL.xX | 2/24/07

What the hell is all that about can i ask you a question is the used tryin to take the mick outta my chemical romance because there was a lot of fury between Gerard Way and Bert McCracken and i was wonderin if the used are takin the mick...

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/07

i <3333 this song....its on stevens untitled roch show right now XD

Whoha | Reviewer: Andrew | 4/16/06

Yeah right , to many lil' (wannabeemo)girls starting to like The Used after their in my opinion bad 2nd Album "In Love & Death" . On this Album there are too many commercial- and popsongs i think. The selftitled Debut was agressive and angry and this is just soft and girly like. Yeah there are some good songs like SAOD, I'm a Fake, TAKE IT AWAY . I think the guys from The Used need more money + Rotation on MTV with songs like "I caught Fire " or sth.. Sad... i'm sorry for my bad english ^^
I'm hoping for a better album in 2006 !?1
PS: The Song Take It Away is really good.

~:)Andrea:)~ | Reviewer: Andrea | 3/31/06


fuckin teenys.. | Reviewer: boo | 1/30/06

god the used are awesome, but too many teenys are starting to like them and its really pissing me off..i didnt look at the name, but the fag who rit 30 'omg's is a teeny too. get fucked and like teeny bands like simple plan and avril lavigne who think their punk or emo or whatever the fuck they think they are.

get screwed..

BERT IS SEXI | Reviewer: Hayleigh | 9/20/05

This song is frickin awesome. I cant stop lisening to it! I cant wait to see the used play at the taste of chaos in October.

Love them | Reviewer: --Heather*-- | 3/7/05

i love the used. i cant decide whether i like the new cd or old cd better, but this song is f****** amazing. best song ever to just jump around and scream along with it. i'm in love with quinn!!