hey you guys shut up | Reviewer: KS | 12/23/08

Analyzing songs is fun and important if you want to understand. If you dont care then go away and leave us alone while we wade through everyones thoughts. I dont care who you think you are, the first time you read chemical romance you thought about mcr.

How freaking stupid it is | Reviewer: Raven | 12/8/08

to think that analyzing a song is waste of time or idiotic. Everything we do as humans is analyzing!

And if you don't analyze the freaking song, then it can't have any meaning for you!

And if someone thinks the song is about something else than drug abuse or the conflict between The Used and MCR they're not stupid, at least they're thinking with their heads.

"Either way, it doesn't matter what you think it means, what matters is what you take from it. A song means and talks about what you feel it's about, there is no right or wrong answer, so just take the music as it is, expression, and take whatever it is you get out of it. That's what art's all about."

I completely agree with this.

I thought it was a good song, but.... | Reviewer: Matex | 12/2/08

The line about Chemical Romance is NOT about the band MCR. I would have to agree with the idea that some people think love is a chemical thing(which its not, if you've ever felt it properly), and also agree that analizing a song is pointless. Just like i think analizing paintings is pointless. Do you really expect artists to try and hide some hidden massages written in small print with a tiny brush, or in the background of song, signaling a secret meaning. Usualy they just make what they feel into a form of art, because thats what art is. If you sit down for months trying to make words for a song sound right, but mean nothing, it's not really a song.
I love this song, but my version didn't have the start intro, but then i downloaded it again and decided to look up the lyrics. The first thing that struck out was the anti-god-ness of it. Im not trying to preach some christan message or nothin, but its a bit harsh. I meen, i've never heard of anything about a god that tells you to abuse youeself... but you can sing whatever you want your song to be about.
The Used is good, but some of their songs are...


Wow | Reviewer: Shelby | 11/26/08

This song is fucking amazing.And the line "I've lost all doubt in a chemical romance" isn't about MCR.It's about drugs.You people are idiots if you seriously think he's talking about his love life with Gerard.Yeah maybe a few bits and pieces are about Gee but not that line.

the bands arnt fighting... :P | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/08

lol your all paranoid with the whole bands hate eachother thing, when the used say "I've lost all doubt in a chemical romance" their using it as an actual term, litteraly a chemical romance, and mcr doesnt mention the used in the vid for im not okay its just part of the theme in the video :P they helped eachother when working on these albums, the bands got into a little fight but their not even fighting anymore, so there!

Get Over The Argument About My Chemical Romance and The Used | Reviewer: Anonymous' Big Brother | 2/23/08

At the end of the day, they're both great bands, Period.

I think the line has to do with drug abuse, but I'm also inclined to believe that it's about being in love. There are people out there who believe that love is simply a chemical reaction in our bodies, and in this way it could be a reference to being in love, and falling out of that love.

Either way, it doesn't matter what you think it means, what matters is what you take from it. A song means and talks about what you feel it's about, there is no right or wrong answer, so just take the music as it is, expression, and take whatever it is you get out of it. That's what art's all about.

Take it away review | Reviewer: qwerty | 2/3/08

what "I've lost all doubt in a chemical romance" mean is that it is referring to the band my chemical romance. They were friends years ago and my chemical romance mentions the used in one of their videos "I'm not ok"

uh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/08

who honestly gives two fucks if its about gerard way or if its about drug abuse. its a song. a fuckin song, dont anazlyze the shit our of it becuase then you just end up ruining it.

ROFLMAO | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/08

"And I've lost all doubt in a chemical romance"
HAHAHAH.. that's so not about MCR. x'D
lmao! Can you guys even understand what that line means? Because if you would you would get it that it's not even about some other band, it's about him and maybe drugs for an exaple. only because someone says 'chemical romance' doesn't mean it's about My Chem. Chemical romance can mean for an example about a love for drugs.

And I dont think the song is about Gerard.... But I dunno, it could be, but eh... Doesn't sound like it xD

the "line" | Reviewer: --p*ssd off-permanantley- | 12/25/07

technically bert is reffering to a chemical romance not been the band but, however a memeber of the band, when asked by kerrang said that there new song "take it away" is about a "certain person" adn reffered to gerard from MCR....lol jst saying so technically everybody si correct here. XxxxX

that's it ! x'P you're a moron | Reviewer: gir | 12/12/07

you're an idiot the line "I've lost all hope in a chemical romance" is NOT about the band. He's refering to self-medicating.. you make yourself sound like a total idiot.

woot woot | Reviewer: jessika [LuNa FattiE] | 7/25/07

this song is kool even though i dont like this type of music.
but the freaken song gets stuck in ur heAD!

that's it ! x'P | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/07

I love the beginning of the song !! <3
This song really rocks !!
except the part :
and i lost all doubt in a chemical Romance ! =$
I really hate the fact that my chemical romance and the used (specially gerard and bert ) are not friends any longer ! ='((
Fuck !
I really loved see this guys together !
And the Cover of under pressure was so fucking gret that they showld paly together more often ^^ !

:) | Reviewer: melodramatic. | 6/27/07

Andrew...if you think this one is poppy, try listening to Lies For The Liars. I was shocked during the whole thing. 0_0

He really has a phobia of light here.

Mee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/07

when i started to listen take it awayy , I really enjoyy de bandd it's fuckingg goodd but whatt I really lovee is thee words of the musiics... It's so real and importantt cause it sayy all the truthh !