common sense | Reviewer: dazeeeeeeee | 4/4/14

im sure its about both, mcr and drug addiction. seems to me like he was hurt by both, cause it kinda ALL went down at the same time. so "TAKE TAKE TAKE TEAKE TAAKE IT AWAY"... the pain :/

Song Analysis | Reviewer: Kimiko | 3/9/14

The Used never really talks about their song meanings in depth. A lot of the past comments say that you take your own meaning from the song, which is true. WHen you listen a song the first time, you create your own meaning before looking it up. I think it's a very good tactic for the band to do, I think its why a lot of their music helps people. Instead of imaging Bert's own story, you imagine your own and take advice from it or what not.

But anyways, I believe this song is about drug addiction. The chemical romance thing was probably cleverly put in there because even MCR said their band name was about drug addiction. I believe that part didn't really have much to do with MCR themselves as much as it had to do with the actual meaning of their band name. If I had to think of specifics on this song, the first thing that popped up for me was living the life of a tweaker. The whole video is also based off of a severe insomniac….

I don't know, just my two cents. I love The Used, their songs helped me through so much shit it's unbelievable. Like I would probably still be trying to find my own escape or I may have been dead by now.

why do you even care | Reviewer: molly | 2/20/12

i don't even give a shit why they argued. i love both bands, and i think they both play amazing music with epic lyrics, and though i really wish they hadn't fallen out (it would be great to see my two favourite bands together) there's fuck all i can do, so i'm just gonna sit here and love both of them.


wth? | Reviewer: Ariel | 4/3/11

WTH!? why are you arguing this kind of things... If you like MCR it's ok... If you like The Used it's ok... If you like both, it's ok... that fight betwen Gerard and Bert is just publicity... pure marketing... Just enjoy the song!

ohshatap. | Reviewer: melly | 7/18/10

idk what the arguments about really, i've heard so many diffaren't things.
idk what the songs about and i don't like the used particually because i think bert's an idiot.
he's very immiture about the way he handled it, just like the way he burned gerards picture with a cigerette?, tried to get fans not to lisen to them on stage, and mentioned it was about someone with short blonde hair. Gerards not perfect, but he hasn't exactly gone and shouted to the god damn world so obviously that he doesnt like bert, which lets be honest bert has. this song may not be about him,true,but there's more than enough evidence to say bert has been a fool.
gerard i think did not get big headed. if big headed means changing the sound and taking a risk then so be it. call him just that.
but reallllyyy. stop arguing, its personal, and has been forgotten. if i did like the used and mcr, i wouldn't stick for one side, i'd like them both, and say okay fair do's nothing to do with fans of the both bands. so yeah shatap. peace dudes..

...yeah... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/10

First of all, it was about addiction, second of all, Bert and Gerard stopped being friends for a while because of that wonderful little song they did together, Under Pressure. All profit was to go to charity until the re-release of In Love and Death, in which the Used put it on there.

It's not | Reviewer: Dontlie2urselves | 6/16/10

I agree with raven. It's about what it means to you and what you take from it.
who's to know for sure what it really means but the auther himself. So instead of arguing about what you, supposedly, know it's about, just leave your two cents of what you Get/feel/think it's about

why can't it be both about mcr and a drug problem.

Also I think it may be about more than just a drug problem, I think it's about drugs and his chemical romance. If u just listen closely...

Kevin | Reviewer: Kevn | 4/22/10

Effing Idiot's. When Bert is talking about Chemical Romance it is about his fights with past drug addictions. He never was together with Gerard Way. First off Gerard is married to Lynn from MSI and Burt at the time of this album was single but mourning over the loss of his girlfriend and child.

Also Burt is clean from hard drugs but still love the Weed and nicotine.

..Chemical Romance | Reviewer: Rosalie | 8/20/09

I agree with reviewer Katie down there? It IS about My Chemical Romance. Bert does confirm this. I'll see if I can find the interview. But it is definitely mcr. Not drug addiction. I'm pretty sure... AH who cares?! It's an amazing song, nonetheless.

ALSO | Reviewer: Rosalie | 8/20/09

The Used and My Chem sort of broke apart, yeah. The reason supposedly is because Gerard Way of MCR was getting clean and sober and didn't want to be around an influential person like Bert, who isn't clean and sober. They stopped talking for a while... But it is said that Bert was seen at Gerard and LynZ's wedding.

Chemical Romance... | Reviewer: Katie | 8/10/09

Ok everyone, this may be news to you, but Gerard Way and Bert McCracken went out for a while a few years ago.

In a chemical romance was a reference to My Chemical Romance. He confirms this somewhere, but I'm not entirely sure where.

MCR and TU used to be very close before they had a falling out. Not sure if they've resolved it, but that's what I know.

Either way, both bands are amazingg.

...chemical romance. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/09

I think they mean drugs and not the band My Chemical Romance in the song. But they may have borrowed the expression from the band. They have, after all, a song together, (under pressure) and they probably have a close relationship. I don't know anything for sure, but that's what I think. Excuse my poor english.

Take it away | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/09

Yow all fucking idiots,dont think too much from that lyrics,maybe they have a lil bit meaning about abusing a drugs,its all about music,you know wat i mean..just listen to their music and enjoy the their songs,right..but the used was a fucking great band,i vow to them..everybody will scream to them..

you stupid fucks | Reviewer: Jayson | 5/11/09

This song is about a drug addiction... bert was a drug addict (i think hes clean now but not sure).

If your goin to analyze a song look at the whole thing not just one line.

... if you want a song about Gerard Way look at "Pretty Handsome Awkward"

Not pointless | Reviewer: DanC | 4/14/09

There's nothing wrong with analizing a song, if you enjoy it, speak your mind. If you hate it, tell people why. But if you think analizing is a waste of time, piss off, cause its an even bigger waste of time telling people that something is stupid. If its stupid why do you care?

Also on the line chemical romance, I do think it is not necessarily intended to have a direct realtionship to them, they are probably talknig about chemical love like mentioned before, but both MCr and the Used have made references to each other, as an example the music video for MCr's Im NOt Ok has several segements with typed messages, but one of the messages reads the word "used" and it stays for a few more seconds than any other slide. The bands clearly have a close relationship w/ eachother.