Ya'll wanna hear some nice stuff? | Reviewer: sophie# | 11/6/07

wow,the used are so messy...but i love this bizarre stuff,really...its good to hear things like that these days which isnt this lollypop garbage you hear

Ya'll wanna hear some nice stuff? | Reviewer: sophie# | 11/6/07

wow,the used are so messy...but i love this bizarre stuff,really...its good to hear thing like that these days which isnt this lollypop garbage you hear

Bi curiosity? ok or not | Reviewer: Josh | 11/5/07

I dont really care if someone who makes really awesome songs. and it happens to be about bisexuality it dont matter to me bert is to fuking awesome to critisize him about what he does. what about Davey Havok he is bisexual in love like winter he says he bite my lip and drank my war from years before and if you want to say something about Davey then aawwww hell no you done went to far. Afi+The Used =life.

You people are retarded | Reviewer: Mona | 11/4/07

Number one, this song is NOT about gay sex. Or butt sex. Or ANY type of sex for that matter. It IS about drugs. Second, no, Jeph, Branden, and Quinn would NOT have to know. I mean, they're not stupid, but people can hide that shit. Bert isn't stupid either, so do you honestly think that he would've let them find out? This song is about when Bert had major drug problems, and he's singing about how drugs end up fucking you over in the long run. Seriously, how could you pull BUTT SEX out of that?! Obviously you guys are just a bunch of children trying to act so philosophical but your perverted, puberty-ridden brains won't allow it.

WTF | Reviewer: Jenna | 11/1/07

WHO the fuck would take butt sex out of this song?
I think it's aiming for towards how retarded and messed up things can get when you're on drugs.. like Meth. Hence BLUE.

seriously? Butt Sex? | Reviewer: Jenna | 11/1/07

Blue = Meth
"When your pants came off and I turned you over"
That's just saying that DRUGS CAN FUCK YOU OVER.

???? | Reviewer: Scremo | 10/11/07

The Used Rule and i dont reckon bert's gay bi maybe but defintly not gay and if he is then i dont giv a crap this is a way aawesome song so no one dis it

pshhh. | Reviewer: Ariel | 10/9/07

Okay, they obviously don't care about buttsex in their songs, because in "Choke Me" Bert screams "FUCK MY ASS!" Like 4 times towards the end... so yeah.

And it you don't know which song it is, it's after the really long pause in pieces mended. [:

sound effects. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/07

oh my gosh.
guys, grow up. yeah, this song is about meth, hence 'BLUE', a term used for meth.
yes, this song does seem like it's a lot like gay sex.
'when your pants came off, and i turned you over...'=ASS SEX.
'make a circle square, a retangle curved. use a smile as a noun. ill think like a verb...'CHANGE THINGS AROUND.
i dont think it's about gerard. i dont think bert's into guys, sexually.
he was for sure maybe bi-curious at one point. but c'mon, these days, who the fuck isnt?
it's a great song. and nothing can change that.

ILOVETHE[FUCKEN]USED. | Reviewer: Ashley. | 10/3/07


This song IS about buttsex.
but not exactly aiming it to be about with Gerard.
And Quinn, Jepha and Brandon wouldnt of gave a shit if this song was about buttsex. which it is.

These guys are awesomely fucked up. They wouldnt care what their songs are about.

Booty Sex Time Ft Bert McSomething | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/07

lmao, this is the only Used song me and my boyfriend can agree on (otherwise, i hate the used)
But this song's hot and all and i've gave him buttsex to it before, so maybe i'm biast
But considering he said "him" in it, and its about sex, ill bet it was, omg, GAY SEX

morons | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/07

it doesnt have to be buttsex cause you turn someone over dumbasses. its called doggy style if you know anything about sex you'd know that. morons.

Okay.... | Reviewer: confuzzled | 9/1/07

Im pretty sure Quinn wouldn't care if theres a song about Gay Sex...considering hes Bi so like yeah. I really could care less what this song is about because its just simply an amazing song so there is no need to argue about if it is or not. It just a good song and talk about how good a song it is.

omg | Reviewer: Mary | 8/27/07

lol no its not about sex with gerard way but as i read this i was like woah
is he gay or something?^^ lol i was really surprised but i love the used and bert is a good songwriter ^^

WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? | Reviewer: Freakin' Retards | 8/15/07

This is pissin' me off. Can it not be about buttsex WITHOUT GERARD (WOW what a concept). Obviously it is along the lines of it, but not with Gerard stupids.
"Really quick switch sides
Spill the filled up canister
And the room is shaking
Now you're changing places
And I switched my pace"
Obviously, along the lines of it, but Bert is WAY to smart to do that. Plus Jeph, Branden, and Quinn would probably have known, and they wouldn't want a song about gay buttsex on their CD ( I'm only assuming here now ). So come on people, figure it out already.