id have to agree with lucy! | Reviewer: Amy | 10/8/08

k so people sit here and take a great song and try to figure it out is it about drugs sex etc. does it really matter a great song is a great song maybe iz is about diffrent things but ur wasting ur time trying to over analyze it jst listen to the damn song and deal wit it feel the song and the lyrics it can mean wutevr u want it to b!

Um..... | Reviewer: preston | 9/29/08

i'm not telling anyone that they're wrong but the song, "yesterday's feelings" are about his gf dying while being pregnant. of course that could have been the insperation for both. sound effects could be the angry "more negative" aspect of it. while yesterdy's feelings could be about how he thinks it's his fualt and it's more of a somber tone to it

Baby | Reviewer: Dirge | 9/8/08

I know I'm going to get crusified about what I think about this song but I think you should just hear me out.

When I heard this song, it didn't lead me to drugs or anal sex. It lead me to pregnancy. I saw blue as being the color of a positive pregnancy test.
"Kill, smile
Cut it out for me this time
Kill, Smile
I haven't seem him smile in a while"
Anybody who's ever dealt with having to deal with there girlfriend being pregnant before your ready, makes you go insane with stress.
"Run quick switch sides
Spill the filled up canister
And the room is shaking
Now you're changing places
And I switched my pace
And my breathing races when you mention blue."
The way this is sung is very fast pace and could represent a fast heart rate. Room is shaking could mean overbearing fear. When she brings up blue, he starts to panic again. To me, that means he hates to be reminded of her being pregnant. "Switch sides, Changing places" Could represent whether or not to keep the kid (whether it be through abortion, adoption, or abandoned).
"Make a circled square, a rectangled curve" This could mean doing the impossible like taking back or stoping it from happening.

Also, I was told that Berts pregnant gf died of overdose to help support my theory.

Simply. | Reviewer: Lexi | 8/27/08

I think it's a great song. End of. Full stop. Cut. ect....

However, it while all you guys are arguing that it's about anal or about meth, what about it being about both? As in being in a relationship with a self destructive guy, drinking and taking meth, hence the references to blue, and 'all i thought was sober' and the sex not being the main part, but it does play a part in the relationship.

And if you want to argue this with me, my email's there.


omgz like: | Reviewer: Charlei | 8/11/08

I kinda feel this song means different things to different people. I can also understand why people don't like it, I guess it could seem mildy offensive to homosexuals. But who's that shallow? It's a great song. End of.

Ha. | Reviewer: Rose | 8/7/08

To all those who say that it could HAVE to be Anal- doggy style ;] XD

Now really, I just heard it on the CD I have and personally? I thought it was about war- then again 'm-m-m-minute' sounded like some sort of gun...

theused<3 | Reviewer: grapfruit | 6/29/08

i think that the used are the best fucking band there ever was. and even if the song is about but sex who cares BUT SEX IS AWESOME! but seriously go fuck yourself if you dont like the used because if you dont. then you dont no what good music is

this song is great | Reviewer: krys | 3/28/08

this is probably among my fav top five songs from them...and if it was about butt sex or not...who gives a shit. if your truly a fan you would love the song and bert regardless...cuz this song is so FAW.

idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/08

this is about DRUGSS!!!!!
when it sais i turned u oer its when there vomiting fro teh drugs and when it sais havent seen him smile in a while its not that he is in love with him its that the person hes talking of is depressed cause there on drugs

u all need to think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/08

You all really need to think about this... it doesn't necessarily need to be anal sex. It could be normal sex, because bert never says "when you were face up THEN i turned you over..." she could have just as easily been face down BEFORE he turned her (or him) over... but i agree with most of the people who say its about meth (and for that person a little ways below, meth is methamphetamine)

i have lost brain cells | Reviewer: lucy | 1/21/08

i lost half my brain cells from reading these reviews. all of you took a beautiful song and totally mutalated it. some songs are meant to be confusing. they kept it real. it's all good, i'm not arguing cos i don't know xept it is a great song.

ummmmmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/08

what does 'meth' mean?...
have no idea, i'm not american or english, i speak english pretty well, but i don't know this word and can't find its meaning anywhere ;p

The Used 4 evaz | Reviewer: Simone | 12/14/07

I lve this song so much its awsome.
Some people really listen to the lyrics and then some people dnt. Who cares wat the lyrics are, its a FUKEN AWSOME SONG,
bert is bi sexual, who cares he can be wat he wants 2 be and no one can change that!

if u dnt like the song get fuked

INCREDIBLE SONG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/07

I love The Used. I love this song. It makes more sense that it is about meth. Sexual referencing being vague, or IN YOUR FACE, in lyrics or poetry can only be put there for shock value, not for meaning. This song is about meth. Period. If Bert was into anal sex, he sure wouldn't sing/scream about it.

AGDGJSDLKS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/07

okay one comment or two have said that the used are fucked up and wouldnt care what the lyrics say
that is a louda of rubbish
they care more about their music then anything
and i doubt its about sex with gerard
considering bert says lyrics he writes are about issues that loads of people can relate to
how many people can stand up and truthfully say IVE HAD GAY SEX WITH GERARD WAY
18 days til i see them live