Calm down | Reviewer: Tammy N. | 11/22/12

I really love this song and enjoy reading what other fans interpretations. When you say "It's a good song. Just leave it at that, why do you need to know the meaning behind it?" Well I would say I actually would love to know what my favorite artist is going through or what is behind their lyrics/ poetry. When you think about it they (artist that write their own songs) are sharing personal experiences and feeling. Lol :) That totally makes me geek out!

what I think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/12

Okay, so when I heard this song I automatically jumped to Gay sex. I don't know if it's because I know Bert is bi, or if I'm just dirty minded :P
And then I picked out drug refrences. And then, the pregnant thing jumped out at me. I've listened to this song thousands of times and all of them seem to fit fine.
The rest of the band would probably be happy to put in whatever Bert writes if it sounds good, why ask questions? :P And none of them are homophobic otherwise why would there be two bi men in the band? XD

Anyway, it could be about all three. Or at least two at once. Maybe he's singing about getting high and having a fling with a man? Or trying to get his pregnant girlfriend off drugs? Or getting high and cheating on his pregnant girlfriend with a man? Endless possibilities! XD

Or maybe, he just wrote it to mindfuck the people listening, to see how many crazy meanings they come up with XD

Anyway, they're all valid points, but I think that drugs ties in with both the pregnant and the gay interpretations and that it isn't just entirely about drugs.

Since I jumped to the gay interpretation first and also because Bert screams "FUCK MY ASS!" 4 times during Choke Me, I personally think this song is about one of his drugged up gay experiences :P

sound effects and overdramatics | Reviewer: anonymous | 1/21/12

i think this song is about a guy who has a girlfriend but he is cheating on her with a guy because he's secretly gay, he is going to leave her but he finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant and feels bad about just leaving her like that. so he stays with her but he misses the other guy

the over all meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/11

yes, this song is very likley about gay anal. yes, this song may be about his girlfriend getting pregnant. however, over all this song is about inner conflict. "kill! smile!": doing something wrong that makes you happy. "haven't seen him smile in a while" he's miserable but has finaly found something that makes him happy, but it's something that feels kind of wrong. "make a circle square a rectangle curve": bend the situation into something different. i believe this song was written woth gay anal in mind, the lyrics really point to it but it's done abstract enough to be the perfect expression of inner conflict, not even just doing something you know is wrong, but any inner conflict. ps i have nothing against homosexuality, i'm just describing the song meaning.

He.. | Reviewer: Brett | 7/30/11

There are many more links to pregnancy in this song than gay sex

Also, if you listen to the (haven't seen him smile in a while) on the track, it sounds like a 3rd person perspective of the situation, not Bert himself

dry. | Reviewer: Armidayus | 7/18/11

Also, i should say that when he says "when you mentioned dry, all it thought was sober", for all of you uneducated in the ways of sex between males, he means 'take him dry'(without lubrication). This song is definitely about Bert's experiences with same sex relations.

Armidayus | Reviewer: Armidayus | 7/17/11

I understand the pregnancy side of this argument, but when I listen to this the first thing i think is about his sexual experiences with a guy. "got all turned on by the taste of your sin" - Yes, sex before marriage is a Christian sin but so is sleeping with another man. Also, 'blue' can be a term used to refer to a man that is gay. And just the number of lyrics like "turned you over" and the mentions of 'he' a lot.

Who's the 'he'? | Reviewer: L | 1/19/11

I'd never thought about the pregnancy interpretation before; that was really interesting. The only thing I don't understand is who the 'he' is in the song. "Haven't seen him smile in a while", "he got all turned on". I thought the way Bert was talking about it and how he mentioned "turning over", the song was about sleeping with another guy, but I don't know anything about their sexual preferences. It's not a big deal to me.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/10

i'd just like to say thanks to everyone who wrote reveiws

i was told a lot about this song beforw actually hearing it myself so when i listened to it i had other peoples ideas in my head

im doing a design on the song and designing an image from the words and what people have said has helped me get ideas, so thanks

the used are awesome =D

Plain and simple | Reviewer: drew | 10/26/09

the meaning of this song is taken from many of the coments already posted. It is a sum up of Berts sex life with his former (deceased) girlfriend. the color blue that is mentioned does refer to the blue in a positive pregnancy test. also the lyrics " make a circle square, a rectangle curve" is also referring to a certain type of pregnancy test that shows a blue circle when positive and a blue rectangle when negative. it is like he is trying to stretch the cirlce into a rectangle or a rectangle curved.

"when I mentioned blue, all you thought was color", refers to the fact that when he tried to get his girlfriend off drugs because of her pregnancy she didnt care "all she saw was a color not a baby". this is proven by "when you mention drugs, all I thought was sober", she wanted drugs and he wanted her to be sober.

here is the tricky part, when it refers to taking off the pants and turning you over when you mention blue. it means that he is changing ( like a pair of pants) and turning you over refers to a new leaf, turning over a new leaf when you mention blue (preganancy.

Kill/ smile refers to the mixed emotions whether to be happy, sad or cut out the baby. (cut it out this time).

the mask aligned means hiding the baby and the fact of pregnancy and drug use.

when it talks about switching places, room racing breathing racing etc it refers to the confusion he felt and utter panic after finding out and how he is trying to deal with it.

spill the filled up canister refers to her belly. her belly is the canister filled with the baby. spilling it refers to the cut it out reference.

song and lyrics are amazing and speratic. hope this helps

hmm.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/09

So i have to agree with the sex and pregnancy meaning behind this song.. and just wanna point out:
Keep the mask aligned (condom)
Get it up in time (u know, IT.)
There's a space between valleys (u know, the girl's IT.)
And try catch a vibe (aka motion in the ocean)


abstract | Reviewer: Kquato | 7/12/09

Most of the songs written by The Used are abstract. that's what makes them so good! Who cares what he is singing about...Why do you like the song? What does it do for you? What does it mean to YOU? That is all that really matters. I am sure Bert has his own meanings to the song. Just like we all have our own..

Pregnancy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/09

the best review ive seen for this song yet was definitely by Dirge a few reviews down...
i had the same exact thought

i was listening and i was like.. "this songs about sex," then Bert Says "...when you mentioned blue.."
and i was like what does blue have to do with sex?? then the first thought that came to mind was a pregnancy test!!!

and if you notice the mood is all calm and sweet sounding till "when you mentioned blue" and then the mood slams into a violent pissed off unstable chorus. meaning that they had sex, shes pregnant, and he's pissed off, unsure, and doesnt kno what to do.

and i agree with Dirge about "make a circle square, a rectangle curve" meaning that its the impossible to stop whats already been done.

this is an AMAZING song along with the band themselves!!!!!!! THE USED ROCKS!

Who really cares? God. | Reviewer: David | 4/2/09

So I read a comment on like page 3 or 4 or something back and it was like " oh the used are my favourite band ever! but when i heard that this song was about butt sex i now dont like them and i have lost respect for them " yadda yadda.
1. It is called anal sex, not butt sex, not gay sex, anal sex.
2. (the more important one) If you were really a fan of the used, even if you were a bit homophobic, if you were a TRUE fan, you wouldnt be bothered by this. I mean, what the fuck? Its sexuality like. Im not gonna say hes gay straight or bi cause tbh they are my fave band but im more into the music then the people and i dont know his sexuality, but like, if hes gay hes gay, or whatever. Like people dont have a right to criticise people or disrespect them because they are more attracted to men.
4. And also I HATE when people and all like oh it IS about this and it IS about that, the song is about what bert wrote it about, not what you comprehend from the lyrics, so everyone just fucking grow up a bit please. Im only 15 and I can see how stupid it is! But anyways.



Sound Effects and Over Dramatics <33 | Reviewer: Utah. | 1/3/09

This is probably my favorite song on this album, because it can be slow, then face, soft and loud, and it's just like a mixture of everything.
And I see a bunch of people are arguing on what it's about, but what as Amy said it can be about a lot of things and whatever it means most to you.
And personaly, I think it's a blend on what ALL of you are saying. I mean, the song is called Sound Effects and OVER DRAMATICS, so I just think it's a song about all the troubles with sex (male and female) and drugs, and trying to make the right desision.
Just what I think, brilliant song.