Drugs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/10

I definitely think Bert is talking about drugs, but the beauty with lyrics is that you can take them any which way you want to. in this song, i think Bert was writing to say that he remembers what the drugs made him feel like, but thinking of it makes him ill. and i think in the first verse when he says "it's strange 'cause i feel the same way" i think he's saying that it's weird because he feels like he's the same person and he doesn't know what separates him from his addictions, or how he was getting over them because he was the same person.
but, just my opinion. i love The Used <3

Poop | Reviewer: Nicole | 3/14/10

This song, like all of their other songs, is amazing! I can relate to this song. I still remember what it felt like to be with this guy, and that's the whole reason I still like him. And it is strange that I feel the same as I used to, because we barely talk anymore. And it's kind of sickening (it makes me ill), because I want to move on, but I can't with the memories of how it used to feel. AHH, The Used... So amazing.

Different perspective on what is making him "ill" | Reviewer: Casey | 1/30/10

I think yr exactly right anonymous reviewer, but I think its not exactly the love you get from another person. But rather, A substance, One that makes you feel amazing and like nothing else can, Not even love, sadly...But at the same time, That same great feeling makes him feel ill, not only because it could be physically making him sick, but because mentally he dosent want to feel that great...and it upsets him. I would kno, been there, still getting over that. This song does help though, reminding me no matter how great it is, damn it still makes you ill.

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/09

I think this song is about reminiscing over a love, And his saying "Same Strange cause i feel the same" then he goes to say, "Makes Me I'll" So i don't think he wan'ts to feel the way he does but does because he remembers what it was like.