JUST SHUT UP. | Reviewer: Lissa. | 1/13/12

Dude just shut up, yeah the used has changed but every band does! Get the freak over it! All of their albums are different, and If you were a true fan you'd be happy that they are trying new things. So just shut up.
I love The Used and always will <3

Jessie | Reviewer: Jessica Winters | 6/3/11

the used i the best band i ever listened to.
thanks to my friend i can't get enough of them.
i love the used with all my heart.
and i hope to meet them, one day to talk about what inspired them to write their songs.

I love the music. ! | Reviewer: Lauren | 4/3/11

The used is just the greatest band of all times , you can understand and hear there words unlike other ROCK bands. They are all very talented ! Of course people miss Branden but he was holding them back! ;] you guys keep playing good music. I love you.

get over it. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/10

i'm sick of people complaining about their new sound or them getting new members.
they are a band. they need to change to grow. if they play the same sound with the same members, they wont get far. it's sad but true. all good bands have to change up their music, if you dont like it... quit listening.

Love them!! | Reviewer: I'm Just a Girl but... | 10/20/09

ok to makayla... yes we all miss branden... but Dan has deffinatly brought a lot to the band... live they all seem to get along better... there was a seperation with branden and the rest of the band... but if you want to listen to branden play he is in a different band... i cant remember what they are called...

but the used is amazing!!! Quinn Bert Jeph and Dan are all so talented and I am absolutely in love with all of them!!!

I love the new and inpoved " The Used" | Reviewer: Stacey Baker | 10/21/09

O.k first thing's first!!! I love The Used because they have gotten me through some pretty hard times in my life. Secondly i love the new ablum!!!!! it rock's and the sound is awsome DAN your awsome!!!! but i love all of them to death

I <33 them! =D | Reviewer: lizzybobizzy45@hotmail.com | 8/28/09

Ok first thing. Makayla shut up. I love Dan.
Yes he isn't my favorite. Quinn is, but i still love Dan. And Jeph! There is no point in loving Bert cause he is married. =P
So yeah I <333 Quinn cause he has nice hair. Then Jeph cause of his name. Then Dan cause he kinda does have nice hair. So Bert is last.(But he has a nice voice. Me and my sister have pics of them in my bedroom. LOVE QUINN'S PIC!

what happened? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/09

i love the taste of ink and cut up angels and all their old stuff but wtf happened with blood on my hands? it doesnt sound like them at all! Blood on my hands just sounds like the same stuff you hear on every standard rock station. I hope the rest of their music doesn't sound like that from now on. bring back The Used i know.

LOVE THEM SO MUCH <3 | Reviewer: Lrraa | 4/29/09

I love The Used soooooooo facking much. I love all their songs. I don't know how to put this in words ^^ when they come to my country, i'll definitely go to their concert. OMG i can't wait!! looooooooove the used!! really one of the best bands EVER. anyone who reads this, email me! ^^

BLOODY AWESOME!! | Reviewer: erin | 2/25/09

The used is the awesomest band ever!!!! Miss brandens drum playing but absolutely looooove JEPH!!!!
I have been a fan ever since the band formed listening to all the music. The original is the best!!!!! So not cool when people only know the songs from the radio... bird and the worm... NOT COLL!
over all they rock big time!!

MY MOST FAVORITE BAND EVER!!! | Reviewer: Lorenzo | 3/12/08

I love the used so much. Like Kellie said there an inspiration to me as well. People tell me I sound like Bert when I sing. No lie! My band doesn't sound to much like The Used, but if u like them (and I know u guys do) u'd like us. Anyway they're the greatest band of all time (as far as I'm concerned). My dream is to one day Sing and SCREAM on stage or in the studio with Bert and that dream will come true.....Right?

the used | Reviewer: kellie | 2/4/08

these guys are more than a band,
they're an inspiration.
this band means more to me than any other thing in my life.
they are who they want to be and that makes them so much better. bert has the best voive i have ever heard and that will never change!!!!
i even love his laugh!
bert you are my idol!
you guys mean SO much to me and i really wanna thank u for that!

i love u so much bert | Reviewer: makayla | 11/26/07

I agree! dan u suck! i miss branden so much he is awesome! get branden back!!!! the most important thing to me in the whole world is BERT! i love him so much he means the world to me! i love the used alot! but i have fallin in love with bert! he's got the most amazing voice EVER he never gets boring the used never gets boring there's always something new in that band! BERT I LOVE U 2 DEATH! or more like robert edward mccracken! who ever read this email me!

emo??? what the hell.. | Reviewer: aimee | 11/19/07

OMG!! i love the used!! i hate the fact that ppl think that they are emo!! there not.... rrrr anywaiizzz they rock and more ppl should listen to there music!! :)

The Used,amazing band. | Reviewer: Indira | 10/22/07

I have been a band of The Used even before they where famouse.They have always had a great attitude.They are amazing to their fans and they are honest with the music they make. They have never let me down,everytime i listen to them i just cant help but smile. Each one of them take a part of my heart and a important part of my life. If it wasnt for them i dont know what would be of me. I thank God everyday for putting The Used in my life. Im never going to forget the first time i heard them.