OMG! They're awesome! | Reviewer: Autyness | 3/9/05

Dude, this band amazes me each time i hear them. I'm going to the Taste Of Chaos in Everett in...*looks at calendar* Ah, yes, the one I marked bold...18 days!! I'm so excited, I wish I could meet the band and just HUG them for all they've done. The lyrics are totally not what you'd expect and you have to read them or listen to them close because you'll get meeting...THE BEST BAND EVER, KICKZ ARSE!!!! (Yes, I know I could put Ass, but arse is more fun, say it out loud a couplea times!!)

The Used kicks ass! | Reviewer: Denise | 3/6/05

The Used is amazing live! I went to Taste of Chaos in Boston the 28th and Bert was sick, but still kicked ass onstage! All four guys are so talented and are awesome performers.(I love Branden, by the way) At the end, The Used and My Chemical Romance did a song together, and it was fuckin awesome! They sound so good together. I love The Used and they're definately worth listening to and paying for a concert ticket!

Mrs.Branden | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/05

"in love and death" is a fuckin amazing album. "lunacy fringe", "yesterday feelings" and "all that i've got" are awesome tracks.
branden is sexy

Taste of Choas in March | Reviewer: Caleb | 2/1/05

i got ticks to see the used in concert in london for the taste of chaos tour im so looking forward to it I love the music they make and i have both their cds im a big fan i never liked them before but i didnt really listen to their music my friend made me listen and ive been in love ever since if you dont have the cds go out and get them.

A Box Full of Sharp Objects | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/05

When I heard "A Box Full of Sharp Objects", i listened to it again, but then i was like "this rules ass". Since then they have been my favorite band. The guitar in that song is awesome, the vocals is the best i've heard since Tom DeLonge. It is the best scream I've ever heard. The new album kicks balls too. Keep being awesome.

if we met again | Reviewer: Rachel | 8/10/04

I recently saw The Used in Indianapolis at X-fest. I had the pleasure of being a personal guest of Don V (Bert's "best friend") so I had a glimpse of The Used on and off stage. The guys rocked it on stage. They got an awesome vibe going, not to mention the periodic ass crack flashes from Quinn were way too hot for words. I'd most defintly reccommend seeing them live. Off stage the guys seemed pretty down to earth. I would've loved to have hung out with them, but I spent most of my evening on Fieldy's bus. If you guys read this... you fucking rock!! And next time you're in the mid-west have Don V call Ashleigh and Rachel again!

Much love-
Rachel from Indy