man i went to a show | Reviewer: mitchell | 2/23/06

THE USED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. What else can i say they kick ass all over the fucking place. When I first heard Berts voice I thought "o my fucking god" he has a voice that matches the songs perfectly. All of there songs are songs of glory. I went to one of there shows in LA that was the best show iv ever been to in my whole life. They always kick it up every show.

LIKE NO F***ING OTHER!!!! | Reviewer: rachel | 2/1/06

The first time i heard Bert McCrackens voice i literally lost my breath and almost melted. Iit was amazing. After a long time of loving and listenin to The Used, hearing his voice still sends shivers up my spine. SO, so, SOOOOO gifted. His voice just tears through the heavy music. I appreciate the used for coming so far. I appreciate the lyrics, the music... coz its brilliant. I could go on forever and EVER about Berts voice and the bands ability to play the best punk rocker music i have ever heard. I love my punk bands... Sugarcult, Glassjaw, A Thorn For Every Heart, Armor For Sleep, Funeral For A friend - the list goes on! But none will ever do for me what the Used does. Hearing Berts voice when i wake up just makes my day! And relaxes me before I go to bed. I can sing to it in the car...bang my head, dance around, be myself!! When it somes from my radio its like having a concert right there in my room! So loud and so real! I love Bert, Quinn, Jeph and Branden. GREAT JOB GUYS!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!

do you want a song of glory? | Reviewer: fiddlesticks | 1/20/06

actually i did want a song of glory so i went a quest to find the perfect one. in the process i found a glorious band haha can you guess what one? thats probably a silly question considering i wouldnt waste my time writing about a band that i didnt like. so anyway im going to call bert mccracken hot, eventhough though in maybe a month or two there will be all these crazy people who think that they knew about the used before me and therefor i have no right to talk about them, and they will write things like "you dont think he's hot, youre a poser, i hate you and the world and im going to cut myself in a dark corner" but im going to say it anyway, he's hot, im not a poser, hate me, hate the world, dont play with scissors, the used is AMAZING, and have a nice day!
i hope this helps you all and happy listening. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/06

ths used hightway options...for those who don´t like it, why waste ur time critisising them? too bad they´re never gonna come here in south america...i´d give my life to see them...

The Used is kickass | Reviewer: Laci | 12/21/05

the used is awesome. their lyrics are incredibly meaningful and their performances are heartfelt and what if theyre getting famous? the band is remaining "the band" and theyre not changing like they would without the record deal. dont fucking call me a poser. the used rocks. and the music is what matters.

They rock | Reviewer: Kayla | 11/28/05

I just got into the The Used about a year ago and they are one of my fav bands! My fav part of the song Under Pressure 'Cause love's such an old fashioned word. I love it! Bert has one of the most amazing voices ever. I just love himand the whole band! Keep rockin all!

Grawr. wtf is peoples promblems these days? | Reviewer: Marissa. | 11/19/05

A lot of the chicks writing in here are saying shit about the band and then their listing their popular songs, and then they say shit about the band members being soo hawt. thats bullshit. ->POSER STATUS<- that gets a little annoying. Same thing happened to My Chemical Romance, they were awesome when their first CD came out, but now they suck cuz their getting popular. Anyway, The Used Rox. i think their my #1 favorite band. i saw them at Taste Of Chaos and Warped last year. it was fuckin awesome. i recomend The Used. both CDs. Bert's lyrics are brilliant. g2g. Rock On BitChEs.


The Use Fanatic*! | Reviewer: Jess | 9/8/05

the used is my fav band ever!! #1...they've been my fav band since there first CD came out now i jsu cant get enuf of them..i dont jus hve one fav song i love all of there music!..nd i dont personally like jus one person in the badn i love them all i love there music there the greatest!<3* but the first song i ever heard from tehm was cut up angels nd omg i cant wait to see em' in concert sept 11th at the civic center center in ottawa!..its gonna be so amazingg!! cant waitt*

Bert McCracken, Jeph Howard, Brandon Steineckert nd Quinn Allman r all soo sexxxy*!!

I <3 The Used | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/05

The Used, wow, what to say! They are my total and complete favorite band LIKE EVER! "Lunacy Fringe" "All That I've Got" "Cut Up Angels" "Blue and Yellow", just to name a few are some of my favs... I can't wait for the Warped Tour! Listen to them once and seriously you get addicted

Oh ya, and Bert's wicked hot :)

I luv the used | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/05

man the used rock i wish i was going to the taste of chaos concerts but hey i luv their song all that i've got!

Im jaded now, whatever that means.. | Reviewer: Ashlee | 5/24/05

The Used. Theres no words to explain how amazing they are. Every single word, and every scream out of Bert McCrackens mouth is golden. They are simply the best. You want real Blood pumping,heart racing,Out of this world action, then you have to check out one of their shows. Every song sounds just like the album. Besides the song 'Im a Fake' theres nothing fake about these guys. They're so good to the fans who support them and they always make it a point to meet everyone. I dont think I will ever respect and love a band as much as them. I've been going to see them since they were just starting out and I will continue to see them as they continue to make truly amazing music.

The used | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/05

I saw them at Taste of chaos they were amazing, best live show i have seen. Love both of their albums, really really amazing. McCrackens vocals are awesome. They are my absoulute favorite band. CAnt wait to see them live again. Bert is also super hot.

Ziggy played guitar, jamming good with Weird and Gilly and The Spiders from Mars. | Reviewer: anti_cool_girl | 4/26/05

I hate being told what to do. Even if the person is telling me something with nothing but goodwill and awesome intentions. I automatically go into FUCK=OFF mode as soon as I hear "You should" or "You have to" Sooooo..... How do you tell someone that if they don't know The Used' debut album word by word, sigh by sigh, scream by gut-wrenching scream that they are missing out on the single best debut album since Van Halens "Van Halen" in 1979. (Audioslave ran a close second but they're veterens and these guys were virgins) How do you convey that there is something rare, I mean really fucking special going on and it got recorded and released. WHAT WORDS DO YOU CHOOSE ???

Radest Band On the Face of teh Earth | Reviewer: Brianna | 3/24/05

Wow, I went to the Taste of Chaos in Colorado. I bought the tickets on persale and was counting down from like 3 or 4 months before they came. The concert totally made my life. It was so awesome that it was phenomial times a billion, words con't even explain. The Used just plain rocks, they are the radest band ever!!! If you don't like The should go check yourself into rehab cause you need some major help. With each album they make...they get better and better. They aren't like most bands. I love The Used and Branden is really fucking hot.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/05

I have seen the used twice now, opening for blink and taste of chaos. Both were too amazing for words. Bert always does something that you totally remember it for.. At blink he did a backflip, at taste of chaos in Toronto, he threw condoms into the audience and him and Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance made out during the encore. I can't believe how great everything was. Bert will do anything to please the audience, and you can tell he's not up there for money or any of that bullshit ! He's up there cause he loves music and wants to share his talents. They're the best band in a long time, and I hope they continue making music for years to come ! xo