Sharp objects | Reviewer: Judith | 3/5/07

I love The Used, they are awesome and Berts voice is amazing :D Can't wait for their new record!

I Caught Fire | Reviewer: Shelby | 2/12/07

I Caught Fire is my favorite song of all time. it makes me shaky and I just can't thinking about how that one boy makes me feel shaky too

ya guys have said it all already!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/07

i luv the used, bert mccracken es mi hombre!! how can ne1 not like the used, those ppl r stupid! WORSHIP BERT MCCRACKEN B/C HE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!and he can scream/sing whatevr the crap he wants 2 cuz he is my man! quinn is hot too! and the used r the best and i hope they never change b/c i luv them the wonderful way they r and ppl should not b so judgemental and this is a runon sentense! yay!
*embrace ur inner screamo-ness!!!*
all right, ppl, i'm gonna go listen 2 sum flippin awsome music (the used, of course!)

Love Them | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/06

The Used are so amazing. They are the most talented group of guys ever!! Bert has the most beautiful voice its like no other. All they're songs are so meaningful and touching i love them all and not only does bert have an amazing voice he can play the piano extrememly well i love sometimes i just go for it its beautiful. All the guys in the band are talented and very pretty! I Love them very very much

THE USED KICKS ASS!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/06

have you ever heard of a more oerfect band??? i love the used with all my heart and soul. all those people that say that emo and screamo suck they can go shove a bango up their ass. the iused kept me fom my last breath in this cold cold world, and for that i owe them my life. so keep rockin and i shall always love the used. HELL YEAH.

the best band ever | Reviewer: asheli | 8/9/06

ur music seems so real its so fucken awesome and who ever calls these guyz emo needs to get shot dragged out to the dessert and burned!

Fuck all the people who say Emo/Screamo sucks | Reviewer: The Kronn | 7/25/06

Most of cockfaces who say emo sucks and bag on emo all the time are the most emo of all of us. The Used fuckin rocks, MCR is cool, Brighteyes is genius, so all you motherfuckers out there need to shut the fuck up, because just because I'm emo doesn't mean that I can't beat your fuckin ass, cause I'm IRISH. Bert is GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the used rock | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/06

heaps of people dont like the used coz they rekon there emo, there not that emo, quinn hardly ever wheres black, none of them apart from sometimes jeph style there hair like emos. and heaps of non emos at my skool like em coz the first song i showed em was i caught fire and they loved it, go the used

HOLY S**T!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/06


made fun of | Reviewer: kirsty | 6/15/06

ok well i abserlutly love the used i mean i realy realy love them and for that im like 13 and i have all thses kids that make fun of me and i no that i shouldnt thay call me emo and poser and all that but it dosent matter im sure theres a lot of kids like me and all you should do it tell them to go fuck them selfs you dont need to fellow the crowed and lisen to what thay say you should be your own person because thay dont boss you around cose thay have no right to so do ya self a faver and b ya self and do what ya wanna lol

loving the used always,
kirsty :)

Tragic fools.. | Reviewer: BriGeT | 5/6/06

look kids.. jump off your emo teenage angst banwagons for two seconds to take a look at reality! let people say what they want to! thinking a member of the used does not make you a poser (cause if it does, and if quinn is still a member, then hell, call me a poser!) nor does not knowing every single song off by heart, and every single lyric.. i don't know why you kids focus so much on calling people "posers", i get lil emos and punks and shit greasing me off all the time for dressing normally, when i probably listen to more hardcore shit than them, so get over yourselves! One more thing, just because i band becomes popular, doesn't mean the people that listen to them are 'posers'! It just means people like them!
Secondly, the used are a great band, with a song for every mood and a lyric to replicate every moment. Bert's voice is amazing, suiting the songs to a tee. Great work, take a listen if you will.. take your time and you'll fall in love

my two cents | Reviewer: flip | 4/10/06

ok so i would like to start by reviewing the band, since thats whats this page is for; the used is a great band, powerful, meaningful and its actually fun to listen to wheather youre rocking out with friends or alon in a room. BUY THEIR STUFF! theyre really good! and i would like to finish by saying, why dont people like when other people say theyre hot?!? i think quinn is gods gift to women! thinking someone is good looking doesnt make you a poser it makes you attracted to someone. haha i dont knnow how else to say it. but i have to agree that if they become really popular it will take away from their underground/punk allure that we have all grown to love. lets just keep our finger crossed that they stay the same.
anyway theres my two cents
happy listening.

come to your senses! | Reviewer: r.t. | 4/10/06

Ok, so the first time I heard The Used I was like “What is this? All this screaming and madness” and now if I heard anyone say that I would most defiantly slap them in the face, but the thing is, I’m not a horribly mean person. I don’t know what got into me when I didn’t like the used but let me just say that it is a good thing that I came to my senses. If I hadn’t I would have missed songs like “Maybe Memories”, “It Could Be a Good Excuse”, “I’m a Fake”, “801 Underground” and many more. If you haven’t heard them, download them! If you don’t like them at first, you will after listening to all of their songs. I guarantee you will find something you like. If you’re not a huge fan of the screaming (you’re crazy) you may find you like songs like, “Yesterdays Feelings”, “The Taste of Ink”, “Blue and Yellow” or “All That I’ve Got”. But if you’re anything like me you will be completely taken by Bert Maccracken, screaming for dear life. All I have to say is come to your senses people! The Used is amazing, go ahead and give them a listen!

.. | Reviewer: Mikayla | 3/17/06

umm.. i fucking hate posers! you obviously don't get it! i agree with that other guy, all those preps going around calling them hott and shit, you are ruining rock/punk music. and you are gay. go back to backstreet boys and n'sync, literally!

fuk i luv the used | Reviewer: Jesc | 3/2/06

im listening to the used rite now and can i say they fuking rok! the lyrics
the way bert singz makes me melt. If you love the music your not a poser.
Goth Barbie