OMFG! | Reviewer: Bert McCracken | 5/29/07

I love The Used, omg j/k I only heard one of there songs. "The Bird and The Worm". I love it! :)

Share with me, cause I need it right now, let me see your inside... | Reviewer: BazookaJoe182 | 5/27/07

The Used fucking rocks!!! And doesn't matter what anyone says, they write their own songs! And each fan knows this, it doesn't matter what anyone says! I love their songs so much and I'm going to see them live in one month!!! Can't wait!!!

amazing | Reviewer: kelly | 5/23/07

the used are awesome, n theyll neva change! i <3 bert... iv never been to any of their concerts, cause i liv in a small place in australia n it sucks! but i am gunna get to one of their shows if its the last thing i do! XD who cares if theyre emo, berts voice is awesome n their songs are amazin <3

Love. | Reviewer: Kayla. | 5/20/07

This morning I was watching the much countdown, When "The bird and the worm" By the used came up, At first I wasnt interested and by the end of the song I loved it.

..... ok...... | Reviewer: Jason Freakin Murphey | 5/14/07

for all yall f**kers who think The Used are EmO(there not) or say being emo is a bad thing skru yall they are the BEST!!!! band in the world .... up there with slipknot and Korn. they may not have the same rocking style but there just as good! The Used Rocks out wit there C**k out!!!!

Won't You Think I'm Pretty..??? | Reviewer: Sofia Saenz | 5/11/07

Honestly, it wasn't until The Used's second album came out that I even heard of them at all. And even though I didn't start listening to them until then, I have gotten to be such a huge fan of them. My favorite CD is acutally the first one. The Taste of Ink is my favorite song in the ENTIRE WORLD. That song just means so much to me, because I come from a small town, just like the guys from The Used, and it's definately hard to dream big dreams with so much negativity around...the song just speaks to me in so many ways, much like a lot of their songs actually. I absolutely love Bert's voice, and the lyrics of the songs are soooo meaningful yet so easy to relate to. I recently saw The Used play at Taste of Chaos in San Antonio, and I literally fell to the floor crying during The Taste of Ink, and it wasn't because somebody in the crowd pushed me down, or the heat in the crowd was just soo bad that I couldn't take it, it had nothing to do with that..I was just so moved by their performance, the entire experience was just copletely surreal. It was amazing, and The Used is by far the best band I've heard in a REALLY long time.

the used is awsum | Reviewer: bryan | 5/1/07

yeah all of u fags who dnt like the used ur all dumbasses the used is like the kewlest band in the world there freaking awsum an if u dnt like the used and ur on here reading this FUCK OFF BITCH!!!!!!but y wuld u b on here if u dnt like them newayz l8rz

The BEST best band in the WORLD The Used | Reviewer: brenda shedden | 5/4/07

My sister got me into them. And I loved them every since. I am sad that they aren't together any more. I like that they are not really hard. So that means my mom can listed to them.
<3 you just got to have to LOVE them <3

whooooot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/07

The Used is one amazing band! I went to see them live and they were just as good as on the cd! Maby even better! now thats really saying something. Alot of bands sound great on cd, but aren't so good live. If you can sound the same live as on a cd, then your truly a good band. Not many bands can achieve that. that's how I see it.

Absolutely Fabulous!! | Reviewer: zohra | 4/19/07

I love this band!!! Especially the voice of Bert Mccracken and the meaning of the songs.
Especially the songs I’m A Fake and Listening.
When Bert sings:
`My stomach hurts now, and all tied off in lace. I pray, beg, for anything to hit me in the face. And this sickness isn't me. I pray to fall from grace. The last thing I see is feeling`,
in the song I’m A Fake............ The lyrics are so deep!!!
Everyone who said that The Used aren’t absolutely great, are suckers and need to go to the doctor to check their brains!
Too bad that I haven’t been to a concert yet. I live in the Netherlands....................

No!!! | Reviewer: LuciQ | 4/18/07

The Used are emos.. Na 100 kokot ze hej. I love The Used.. and I know very much of this band.. Shut up!!

wats up | Reviewer: kiara williamson | 4/17/07

hi just wanted to say hi send something back

The Used Rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/07

Okay...the used rocks and everyone knows it, its the fact that many people choose not to like them just because they like to make out with each other. as many people say "why go see fags at concert" It gets me so fucking mad because its like who cares what they do as long as u like their music everythings okay! OH yea for the whole poser issue..the ones who call people posers are the real posers. i dont know who the fuck made up the word but its fucking ridiculous! The Used is the best fucking thing ever! :]

The Greatest! | Reviewer: Auston | 3/15/07

the used is one of the most original bands of our time, there the kinda band that kids can sit and listen to and it will bring the edge off of the fight they just had with their parents. the used is starting a revolution in music today. the song taste of ink is AMAZING! and i cant wait for the next album comeing out, in april. i think.

Aurgh | Reviewer: Taylor | 3/10/07

This so annoying. Im trying to find sheet music for' sometimes i just go for it' and I CANT FIND ANYTHING. GRRRRR.