wowza | Reviewer: bag'o'glass | 2/9/07

this song means so much to me. it's one of those thinking songs, and makes me think about my whole life ahead of me.

OnMyOwn | Reviewer: The Used's #1 fan | 7/25/06

This is a great song with very meaningful lyrics. Some would describe it as boring, others as beautiful. Pick up The Used's album in stores today!

beautiful | Reviewer: kat | 7/17/06

i love it so much, it applies to me on so many levels. this is so beautiful it makes me cry, the loveliest song ever, full of emotion and heartbrake. bert my love, you have done it again.

Yum | Reviewer: Souleh | 5/1/06

This song is just...beautiful. Very short. But beautiful. The feeling of loss and of loneliness comes across so well--not just in the lyrics, but in Bert's voice, the music...everything's perfect. +gush+