On my own | Reviewer: jade | 9/19/07

this song isa serioiusly amazing
i lisighn to it over and over it like my theropy for my problems... THE USED(y)(l)

on my own | Reviewer: Ocean | 8/4/07

this song makes me cry everytime i listen to it! i love it so much! i think it's one of their best! i love it SOOOOOOOOOO much!

D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/07

Wow. So much heart goes into this. My girlfriend and i just broke up, and the song matches everything. the lyrics are like they are comming straight out of my mouth. If only she could hear it..

On my own | Reviewer: Kate | 7/10/07

really amazing song. the lyrics really affect me. I love the used with everything.. but this song.. and buried myself alive mean the most..
the lyrics reflect how i feel so much of the time

amazing song

ON My OWn | Reviewer: Dan | 6/8/07

this is one of the best songs to hit the earth, i bought the CD for the song "A Box Full of Sharp Objects", but if i could recommend a song, this one is the one... Bert's voice is amazing, this song makes me cry everytime!


On My Own. | Reviewer: Nicole | 6/5/07

Such raw emotion. His voice is amazing. In a word, Beautiful.

on my own review | Reviewer: elisha | 5/28/07

best fricken song on the face of the planet!! its me and my besties song!!! DOM I LOVE YOU AND IM GONNA MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..but yeah XP awesome song!! best lyrics!! 10/10!!

T_T On My OwN T_T | Reviewer: Fab | 4/9/07

this song is just so amazing...i keep on listening to it every single day! it has a lot of meaning...it's very emotionnal.I cry every time!!! This band is great!Bert your voice is AWESOME!!!
Peace \m/

Taste of Chaos! | Reviewer: Stephanie | 3/19/07

I went to Taste of Chaos and he sang this.I had never heard it until Then.And it was just yesterday.But I love it.


*oN mY oWn* | Reviewer: kimber | 2/23/07

This song has had so much meaning for me in the past few days. I had a horrible break up and this song helped me to get through... so cliche but so true!